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January 5, 2013

It Was Easter Sunday In Our New Church In Alberta.

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It Was Easter Sunday In Our New Church In Alberta.
by Dick Hunt, January 5th, 2013.

That was back in the days when people put their trust in God and worshipped Him regularly. We were not far into our Easter Communion service when I happened to notice a door adjacent to the Altar was slightly ajar and moving. I walked over and gently opened it and there was a wee boy there, obviously lost and frightened. Any port in a storm – I reached out my arms to him and he nearly sprang into them. And fortunately I had seen the family bring him into the Church before the little ones went to Sunday School in the basement. I took him down the aisle and surrendered him to his tall father; we were singing a hymn and they clung tightly to each other. The man’s name was Frank, his family came sixty miles to attend the Easter service with Frank’s parents. After the service Frank thanked me and said, “that was a powerful sermon you preached with my son this morning”.

On the day when I was Ordained in the Cathedral in Calgary, by Bishop George Calvert in May, 1957, he said to the six of us who were about to commit ourselves to lives of full time Christian service, “I want you all to know, that if you forget everything else you have learned in your time in formal training, you must never forget that there is no substitute for Kindness”. That was a strong and productive directive for us and I can remember many experiences with people who have strengthened the wisdom of that short teaching at a critical time of our lives. I have been guided by the Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Church since my Sunday School days and the contents are 80% directly taken from the Holy Bible. The combination has kept me on track for Ministry.

I have never lacked for work. When our home community gave us a send off in the Community Hall, the construction of which I was the chairman, there was a rumor going around that “Dick is just trying to find an easy way of life and find a cushy job.” I took advantage of their offer to “say a few words” at the affair! About a year after my Ordination Ruth and I were invited back to the same Hall where I was asked to be the Speaker at the District meeting of the 4H Clubs in the area. It started with a splendid banquet prepared by our old friends and neighbours. While the ladies were ‘washing up’, I wandered over to visit with a group of men. One of them saw me coming and said, “we were just talking about you. You might as well hear what we were saying. We agreed that we thought you would never go through with this ministry bit, but have to admit we were wrong.”

As far as finding a job which is cushy and easy is concerned, I have always been very fully and productively occupied, first for 35 years as a fully occupied Ranch Hand on the Family Ranch (with 4 years out for service in the R.C.A.F), then in the Ministry. Has anyone ever told you that active Clergy are often called to work in the dead of night because that is when people are most troubled. And then are expected to be on the job all the next day as well? Has anyone ever told you that active clergy are expected to visit every household on the parish list, many of them several times, each year? And preach moving sermons regularly? And visit the sick, in and out of hospital? And to always keep our cool, no matter how pressured we are? And most important of all, to be the Husband and Father and Grandfather and great Grandfather that everybody needs and wants and expects? Cushy job?
I just want to be the person God wants me to be, every day.

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