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January 4, 2013

Is There a Critical Difference Between Truth and Falsehood?

Is There a Critical Difference Between Truth and Falsehood?
by Dick Hunt, January 4th, 2013.

My short answer is YES! A man I know well said to me some years ago, “It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you are sincere. To which my answer was and is, A SINCERE NO!

A young woman said to me recently, “What can you tell me about the ?????? They came to my house and gave me some literature and said if I don’t believe as they believe, I will not go to heaven. Is that true?” I told her that if she DOES believe as they they teach, she will NOT go to heaven. There are a number of religious groups who fall into the same category, who reject the clear teachings of the Bible accepted as true and taught and shared by the vast majority of Churches throughout the world in all the truths that define them.

All through the recorded History of the human race on Planet Earth there have been false Prophets and the Bible attests to that fact. I have been happy to share my faith with a wide cross section of professing Christians who go by various defining names. The one major truth that defines them is that there is only one God, who has become known through Jesus Christ , his only Son, who is mediated through the Holy Spirit. “There is no other name, given amongst men by which we may receive forgiveness of sins and full Salvation, except Jesus Christ.” Any religion which deny’s that basic truth is false and not by anyone to be trusted. Most of the Churches throughout the World attest to the Faith as summarised by the Historic Creeds, (Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed) which state the minimum of Christian beliefs which have for many centuries set clear the facts in which we believe and which define us.

I am aware that there are individuals and groups whose defining and practice of the Christian walk varies from what I practice and believe. But I have been able to fellowship with most of them, just as long as they do not deny that God who we could not reach by ourselves, made Himself known to us in the Person of Jesus Christ, His only Son who came into the world by miracleous Birth without benefit of a human Father from the Virgin Mary in the stable in Bethlehem as commemorated at Christmas so long ago. I have been to that manger scene in Bethlehem. It is a glorious place to visit. But more glorious it is to know as Lord the one whose birth we have just commemorated as the one who gave His life on the Cross, as His gift of Love and Sacrifice to win for us forgiveness of all the sins we have ever committed . God’s plan, not ours . We have only to say yes to His gift of everlasting life in the Kingdom of God. Yes, with our departed loved ones who, when they have accepted the greatest gift the world has ever known will be there when Christ comes again to take us home.

That too is attested in the great Creeds as recited regularly by Christians throughout the world. I have sat by the bedsides of many people at their moment of death and heard their last words as they have seen the heavens opening to receive them with words which described the Glories of heaven and the Love so imminent and ready to receive them. This very week, I attended a Funeral service for a member of the Church in which I worship, in which there was no hesitation whatever in the family and friends in releasing their loved one who has gone to that which is our true home,into the Mercies of God, with God and His Son Jesus Christ where there is no longer any suffering, but only everlasting Joy. How can anyone say no to so great a loving gift as salvation through Jesus Christ?

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