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December 23, 2012

Jakob Peipus and Both Barrels

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Jakob Peipus and Both Barrels.
by Dick Hunt, April 20th, 2012.

Jakob was an immigrant from Romania, who with his wife lived in a farm house made available to them by my father.  He worked at the Ranch , about one mile from where his home was and used to walk to work six days a week.  They put in a garden, hunted jack rabbits and wildfowl and were happy in their life style, which was a big step up from the poverty of post world war one in Romania.  Jakob was a good worker and happy in his work. It was 1928. I was 8 years of age.

From somewhere he acquired a double barrel twelve gauge shotgun and ammunition for it. A short distance north of where he lived there was a slough of water, completely surrounded by tall willow trees and aspen poplars.  He discovered that a small flock of Grey Canada Geese was using it for their hideaway and he decided that he would try to bag one or two for the larder.  Having developed good stealth tactics during the war in Europe, he managed to crawl quietly to a vantage point through the trees, prepare his shotgun, then make his presence known to the geese.  They quickly flew up away from him, he fired both barrels in quick succesion and he brought down TWELVE BIG GEESE.  They had no fridge or freezer, but they did know how to preserve food by using salt, jars in which to can the meat and friends who helped them in their good fortune by taking geese off their hands.  Jakob came to work the next week with a big grey goose in a homemade wicker basket  and proudly gave it to Dad as a thank you. He also showed Dad the damage done to his hand, which had suffered when he fired both barrels at once and the old gun allowed powder burns to leak out of the breech. They were marks of honor to him for his success.

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