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December 18, 2012

Discovering Family We Didn’t Know About.

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Discovering Family We Didn’t Know About.
by Dick Hunt, December 17th, 2012.

As Ruth and I approached our 50th Wedding Anniversary, our children urged me to write the history of my side of the family. I did so, on the Computer, and it totalled around 140 pages, letter sized, close typed. I only had a dozen copies printed with coil binders, one for each of our children and some for my Siblings. I kept one in the computer and one in print. In the course of time, I loaned the printed copy to the person who we had come to know as Margaret Wilkin, the treasurer and active member of St. George’s Parish Church. Some time later, she phoned me and said she had some document copies she wanted to share with me. We got together and we looked over copies of the settlement of her family’s Estate in Worcestershire England. They were the same people I had included in my family history. Although we had by then known each other for many years, we did not know that we were first cousins. I choose to call this discovery a God-Incident and Margaret agrees with me. We still haven’t put together a full list of all the relatives we have in common and probably never will. But we have lot’s of family we didn’t know about and a rich research base for us to share. Some live in the Okanogan.

I had the pleasure of introducing Margaret to our Monday Morning Coffee Fellowship in Fraserview Village this morning as she has recently bought a suite in our Village. She was welcomed by those present and we spent an enjoyable time with her. It is a good group and we visit happily and chat about whatever comes up, never lacking for topics. There is lot’s of room for new people and it is open to all owners.

We share coffee and nibbles and have lot’s of good chuckles. We are a family and everyone needs family. Many of us are living alone, as I am; my wife has Alzheimer’s and is in a care home. Many are widowed and here we are all family together and greatly enjoy each others company. No fees to pay, no contract. Just drop in any time after 9:15 AM most Mondays, and if the gathering is cancelled it is always announced to the regulars. The next one at time of writing is boxing day. We put 25 cents in a cup for our coffee and share the chore of providing cookies etc. I recently took three friends to coffee at a Hotel in Guildford and they billed me $16.44!!! I asked the clerk if that really was the correct amount and she said, yes, that is right. And our coffee is the best!

I enjoy hearing people talk about their life experiences and let them know many others would like to hear, but many people shy away from personal sharing of their lives. If we have listening ears however, many great stories do come forth and a little coaxing can result in them being set in print for others to enjoy. It is always best to ask permission and make sure of the details before sharing with others. Judging from the very great liberties that are taken by many print journalists and the shocking results in grievious personal damage and even loss of life, we must be accurate in what we share. There is nothing so moving as first hand accounts of difficult experiences faced and conquered, or on the other hand delightful stories which have blessed and enlarged the lives of the tellers to enlighten and enrich the listeners. Encouragement is a great gift to share with people who have sometimes been curtailed by lack of self esteem and need a simple boost to show them they might very well be the person they would like to be and that they need only try and do a bit of homework to get started.

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