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October 30, 2012

Joan Werrun and Larry Greig.

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Joan Werrun and Larry Greig.
by Dick Hunt, October 30th, 2012.

When I was in the Parish and Mission of Campbell River, I was still cranking out the Sunday Leaflet on the Gestetner. I was including in the leaflet each Sunday a preview of the Lessons for each Sunday which I called “Pastor’s Pen A Line”. One Sunday morning, at the beginning of the service I apologized for the lack of a leaflet, saying I had run out of time and energy about midnight and there was no leaflet. When I shook hands at the door after the service, a pleasant lady introduced herself to me and said she was willing and able to do up the leaflet every week for the Parish if I would just provide the contents to her. I visited her in their home, 12’ wide mobile home on a pad along the highway. I went along the next week and met her husband Larry. He had spent some years in the Canadian Army and I was the Legion Chaplain. Joan had spent some years as the personal secretary of the Minister of National Defense in Ottawa.

That was the beginning of a very fruitful association with an increase of my efficiency in the Parish. The following Sunday, I announced in the service that the roof was leaking again at the point of the joining of the roofs of the Church and small parish hall. “I would appreciate help to fix it.” When I shook hands with Larry at the door he said, “please show me where the leak is. I know how to fix it and it should not be your job anyway.” I showed him and when I was going past the Church Monday to lunch, he was just coming down the ladder, having fixed it. I pulled into the lot and thanked him very warmly. His eyes filled with tears and he said,”It is I who should be thanking you for bringing me back to Church.” There was a distinct improvement in the ministry from the on.

They were both eager to serve and in a short time I was training them to be Lay Readers. They never looked back. They were active in Bible Study and many other activities. When I retired, after having broken my back in 1985, Ruth and I moved to Mayne Island in the Gulf of Georgia to our Cabin there. Larry and Joan bought the lot next door to ours and built their own cabin there. They carried right on as Lay Readers and I was able to spread myself to help on other Islands. I bought a Photocopier and it made communication more effective. Larry felt a strong call to prepare for the Ministry and commuted to Vancouver School of Theology and was Ordained in time for him to become Deacon, then Priest in Charge of St. Mary Magdalene Parish when we moved to Maple Ridge. When he finally retired, they moved to Colwood, Church of the Advent on Vancouver Island where they continued to be active in the Parish and the Diocese. Joan still lives there, but Larry recently passed away after serving faithfully and well in many ways. Joan has been active in the wider Church, in Diocesan affairs.

My Aunt Nellie, my mother’s only sister and her husband, Richard Gregory Allen , my Uncle Dick, are both buried in the Colwood Municipal Cemetery very near the Church. My Maternal Grandfather, William Foreman (1850 – 1930) is buried in the Parish Cemetery at the Church next door. He was the only Grandparent I knew, the others having passed away before I was born. He was a most profound influence in my young life, until he died when I was ten. I was Baptized at St. Lukes Parish, Cedar Hill Road in 1921 at the age of six months. At that time, we were spending the winter away from the Ranch and living with my Dad’s younger brother Alfred, who was a quadriplegic and his son near the Church. We spent several winters in Victoria and have a deep love for the City.

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