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October 29, 2012

The Man Who Repaired My Car.

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The Man Who Repaired My Car.
by Dick Hunt, October 28th, 2012.

Some years ago I suffered an accident with our car, when I was crowded into a concrete divider on the highway by a heavy duty pickup. I was able to drive the car home and call a local Body Shop. They towed it into the shop, did the necessary paper work and gave me the estimate – very steep. The damage was to the undercarriage and it would take about two weeks to carry out the repairs. They promptly provided a courtesy car. When we had the accident Ruth and I had been on the way to Salt Spring Island with a bed on the car top carrier. I had taken the bed and carrier off the car before it was towed to the shop. I installed the carrier on the courtesy car, placed the bed back on top and again we were on the way to Saltspring Island, where I was to be helping our son Tim and Elaine, his wife, to add another story under the house to enlarge it to two stories. We finally arrived, having phoned to say we would be late. When we finally arrived home again, I contacted the Body Shop and the car was ready to pick up. Off came the carrier and I drove to the shop.

The total cost was paid by I.C.B.C., except for my deductable, which was $200.00. When the secretary told me the amount, the owner said, “I will cover that myself”, and he told us why. He said he and his wife had been looking for a Church to attend and had been worshiping in one here in Maple Ridge for 4 weeks. They were unhappy with the sermons and were about to move again. However, in the same Church it just happened that I started a month of filling in for the Minister who was going on holiday. He said that in that month, they had committed themselves to Christ, due to my sermons.

A month later, with the regular minister back, they were again very upset with his sermons, and had left to try the Baptist Church which they found fulfilling. They heard the Gospel again and found it to be very much to their liking. So the payment of my deductible was just to say thank you for being God’s instrument for their commitment to Christ. My initial calling from Jesus when He made himself known to me in the hayfield when I was driving along on my tractor was to share my joy and thankfulness by sharing what I had learned from him, which was so enthralling to me. The man expressed the same joy for the experience they knew as Jesus made Himself known to them. And his secretary shared his joy. I have not kept in touch with the couple, but I know that the Lord has. It required the damage to my car to bring us together, thus showing that in many similar ways God brings good out of bad experiences.

It was hunger for meaning in life that caused the couple to seek for a Church in which they could find fulfillment. God provided me the privilege of filling in for a month to allow the couple to again catch a glimpse of His Glory and Love. Then when they were again driven to seek meaning in another Church, they decided to stay with the Baptist Church and found the Good News of Salvation through Christ there too and stayed. The greatest joys in my experience, repeatable many times over, have been to make known to needy, seeking people the great news that God loves them and came into the world Himself in the Person of Jesus Christ, to reveal himself to all who want to know Him. I pray that those who have been turned away for any reason whatever, will try again, seeking a Church which welcomes them in the name and presence of Christ, who makes the Father known to all who seek Him.

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