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October 22, 2012

We Get Our Milk in Bottles.

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We Get Our Milk in Bottles.
by Dick Hunt, October 22nd, 2012.

When Ruth and I first met, she was boarding with a couple in Calgary called Don and Georgie Kemp. They had two children and Ruth used to baby sit them from time to time. In due course the daughter, Donalda came to visit us at the Ranch along with her parents, after I was out of the R.C.A.F.. One evening, while I was milking the cows, Donalda ventured out to the barn and watched me milk a cow. I said to her, “If you would like to get the tin cup which is hung on the post by the watering trough, I will get you a cup of nice warm milk.” She responded with some alarm in her voice, “Oh no Mr. Hunt, we get our milk in bottles”.

As time went on Donalda went on through high school and University training to be a teacher. When it was time for her Practicum, she was sent to Williams Lake and she boarded with us for the time of her ongoing preparation for a teaching career. It was great to have her wth us. Fast forward to the time when she became engaged to be married to a young Lawyer named Barry Whaites and I was honored to be able to Officiate at the wedding in St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Vancouver. Preparation for the Marriage was made by the Rector whose name was Paul. We lacked the checking of the details of the actual service together, so I was not told that there would be a Hymn at the beginning. So with the Groom and his attendants ready at the Altar, I waited……………and waited for the Bridal March- and nothing happened. So I began the service with the Bride still waiting at the door with her Father. In spite of the difficulty, the Bride arrived, the Vows were spoken and shared and they have been happily married for many years. I am still reminded of my blunder.

Donalda has had a great teaching career, including some great years as Principal of a School in the Fraser Valley. It was while I was sharing a Monday Morning Seniors coffee gathering today that this memory demanded to be written for wider sharing, both by printed page and by e mail sharing. Ruth and I were delighted to be able to to attend a milestone celebration of their Marriage a few years ago and it was shear delight to be with them, to laugh together at the somewhat rocky service which nevertheless has not proven in the least destructive of their happiness, with their lovely children and their host of friends.

When Ruth and I were about to celebrate our 50th Anniversary 18 years ago, our family urged me strongly to write my Family History, which I did. It came to 140 pages, letter size and close typed and I only had a dozen copies made in Coil Binders, for immediate family and siblings. Their reasoning was that our early years and our life style and experiences were little known or understood in our Ranching and farming background. That has resulted in a steady stream of stories on many subjects, pouring forth from my (now 5th) Apple Computer, all non fiction. I have probably 2,000 short stories in my Data Bank and many too in my Blog. With my physical mobility somewhat curtailed and no longer having use of a car, I find great fulfillment in sharing my memories as widely as I can. God has continued to give me the gift of great memories, going back to my youngest years on the Ranch, in school, in the R.C.A.F. as a Radio and electronics technician, in many years of woodworking and construction and cabinetry and now 60 years of teaching and preaching the Christian Faith. I retired officially in 1985 but have continued to Preach and Minister, Voluntarily, at 92 yrs.

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