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October 16, 2012

Locations For A Ranch in Alberta 1903

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Location For A Ranch In Alberta.
by Dick Hunt, October 16th, 2012

In the summer of 1903, my Father, at the age of 21 years was in the town of Red Deer, Alberta, with a team of horses pulling a wagon. He struck up a conversation with a Metis man and they talked about Ranch Country. The chap told Dad that he knew an area south east about 80 miles as the crow flies where the native grass was as tall as a horses belly and there was ample water and shelter from trees. Dad hired him to go with him and show him the area and they traveled by horseback to check it out.

The area was known as Ribstone Hills and it was everything the man had told him about. First he was shown a flat topped hill at the base of which were flowing springs of cold, pure water in great profusion. Down the side of the hill were well worn trails where the man said his grandfather had shot Buffalo for food and the skins which kept them warm in winter. In the course of their tour the man wanted to show my Dad a special large sandstone boulder about 1 1/2 miles east of the springs. Indeed, on the highest hill, there was such a Boulder, with a backbone and twelve ribs carved into it, the stone being about three feet long and 30 inches wide. Around the stone were considerable gifts of plug tobacco and glass beads, left there by Indian bands as offerings to their Great Spirit. The chap was out of Tobacco and knew he could replenish his supply there. Even in recent years when I have been able to visit there, I have found and still have in my possession beads from that area. Unfortunately, someone spirited away that Historic object which had for centuries been a Community marker for many generations of Natives.

Ruth Hunt, about 1943, Ribstone at Ribstone Ranch Alberta

It is still a mystery except for the perpetrators of the crime, where that stone ended up, At the time when the Stone disappeared my brother Bill, who then operated the Ranch after I left there to study for the Ministry, worked with an oil pipeline company which worked very close to where the stone had been located and paid an Archelogical Society which did an extensive dig surrounding the site and were able to identify a Native community carbon dated back 10,000 years. Information about that is likely available through the Glenbow Foundation in Calgary. I have a snapshot taken with my old Kodak box camera shortly before we were married of Ruth, sitting on that stone and holding her saddle horse.

It is vitally important for us to study history carefully and in depth to discover where we have come from in order to know where we ought to be going. I owe a debt of gratitude to my grade eight teacher who taught me to love history and I have read deeply ever since. When I was in the Air Force I read a Novel called ‘The Robe’ by a man called Lloyd .C. Douglas. a gift from my Mother, It was based on what happened to the soldiers who were charged with crucifying Jesus. To verify for myself whether the book was true to the Scripture on which it was based, I began to read the Bible. That was in 1941. I am still reading that great and wise Bible. It tells us where we are going, depending on our present course and where we will be at the day of our death, all depending on our beliefs. It is very specific in it’s teachings, being God’s Word to humankind and with great clarity. We ignore it to our great peril. “Happy are they, who refusing to sit in judgement upon the Word of God, yield themselves up with humble spirits to it’s mysterious, searching Power”.

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