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October 1, 2012

The Cake We Cut With Scissors.

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The Cake We Cut With Scissors.
by Dick Hunt, October 1st, 2012.
I am sharing this story today as it is 92 years to the day from when Ruth was born in a farmhouse in south eastern Alberta, the home of her Maternal Grandparents. We were, 68 years ago, in Calgary, married and living with a widow called Rosie Bowden, on 7th Ave, North East, a very convinced Baptist, and we got along very well with her. I was still in the R.C.A.F., and had living out privileges. Ruth was employed in the city. Before going to work that morning, Ruth had made a layer cake and set the oven to turn off when baking was done. In the goodness of her heart, Rosie had taken the cake out of the oven, put it together with filling between the layers and iced it. Came supper time, Ruth tried to cut the cake with a knife – and tried – and tried but couldn’t cut it. Rosie had not known that the layers were on top of Waxed Paper. Ruth finally cut the cake with scissors and we had a good laugh over that and a happy birthday supper. We stayed with Rosie until early January of 1945 when I received my discharge from the R.C.A.F. and we moved back to the Ranch where I was born and raised

We spent the next few months in a one room shack, the past bunk house for the male employees on the Ranch. We had no plumbing, borrowed furniture and had moved a two story house from a farm three miles away. However, we had to suddenly move out in July at 2 AM as our dog cornered a skunk right outside our open window at the head of the bed and we caught the full spray on our heads. We were violently ill and had to run outside to be able to breathe again. We went into the threadbare house and waited out the night until we could borrow some clothes and have a bath.
We moved into the house and I began to do the electrical wiring, build cupboards, and eventually build on two more rooms and a sun porch. We dug 160 feet of ditch by hand, eight feet deep for laying water pipe below the frost line with the help of the Ranch crew and we dug the ditches etc. for the sewage disposal field and installed the system. Eventually we were able to move in. And every time we washed our hair, we could smell the Skunk spray again. If we had been able to wash with Shaklee Basic H Cleaner we could have got rid of the smell. But that didn’t become available in Canada until 1976.

2008 – Ranch House Revisited (Family Reunion)

Over time we put in sidewalks, concrete steps, a sun porch, built on an Office, an expanded entry way with steps to the basement. And Ruth worked long hours doing the landscaping, lawns, planting trees, putting in a concrete fish pond and a rock garden. It was a sight to behold. We even planted three trees in a diamond pattern so we could hang three hammocks there in which to relax. We bought the hammocks but never had the spare time in which to hang them and relax. We did however have a great life there for ten years, being fully engaged in the Ranching operation until the Lord of all Life, called me to change vocations and train for the Anglican Ministry and that was sixty years ago. That is another story and we have had no regrets about the change. We left there with three Tots.

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