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September 23, 2012

The Scar On My Left Hand.

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The Scar On My Left Hand.
by Dick Hunt, September 14th, 2012.
I was working on the alterations of our son Tim’s and his wife Elaine’s house on Saltspring Island a few years ago, installing a new Lighting Fixture on the ceiling of their basement kitchen. I was doing a no-no, standing on the top of a four foot ladder with nothing to hang onto. I suddenly lost my balance (very shaky at the best of times), falling to my left toward a concrete floor.  I crashed, but not onto concrete.  I hit a space Heater and from thence onto the concrete.  Tim and Elaine came rushing over and picked me up.  Tim said, “Dad, why did you say that?”  I said, “what did I say?”  He said, “I heard you say, ‘thank you Lord’”.  “Oh yes, I said that because the Lord allowed me to fall on the heater to break my fall”. And it taught me a lesson.

The scar on my left hand at the base of my index finger is three inches long.  It bled copiously. The skin was peeled back like an apple peel.  Elaine grabbed the first aid kit and gently stretched the skin back in place and stopped the bleeding. I am none the worse for wear.  And if I ever so much of look at a ladder any more, members of my family shake their heads at me and say “DAD”.  So my independence has been further curtailed.  I am a little wiser. And I bend my activities in other directions.

I rejoice that God continues to give me the great gift of memories and my ability to set down in print the stories that continue to pour forth for sharing. I just replaced my Printer with a much more effective one.  God has taught me that he is still in charge of this child of 92 years as long as I will to serve Him with my whole heart. And He is so very faithful & loving.
God sets the agenda’s for those who want to build and practice their Relationship with God. God has often been seen by many people as the one who sits in heaven waiting for us to have fun so He can pounce on us and make us feel guilty.
Christians have sometimes been accused by unbelievers of “visiting a guilt trip on them”. When we want to succeed in any endeavour, it is good practice and good common sense to read the instructions. God’s instruction book is the Bible. Since God designed the Universe and everything in it, He certainly knows how everything operates at it’s best.  That includes us Human’s, made in His own image, capable of deciding, choosing, following rules and co-operating.

As for coming to know what God is like, we have only to turn to the evidence revealed to us by God himself (He is not hiding) in visiting the Planet on which we live, in the Person of Jesus Christ. Born in Bethelehem of the Virgin Mary, conceived in her womb by God,  the Holy Spirit. Certainly we are faced with a mystery.  Of course our finite minds cannot understand how God accomplished this great and awesome blessing. It is certainly not true that Christians are not sinful.  We are all in constant need of forgiveness from God for sins of commission  and for sins of omission. Things done and things not done. We could not be in Communion with God through Christ if He had not reached out to us, in his mercy.  We are reminded that we are like beggars; having found the bread of life  we are now to reach out to other beggars to share the Bread of Life, Jesus, without whom we too shall perish. In order that we may have a warm, loving relationship with God, we must ask Jesus Christ to come and live in us by his Spirit, as the Bible makes so clear. No one else can do that for us.The decision is ours to make.

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