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September 23, 2012

“If You Forget Me You Have Lost Nothing.”

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“If You Forget Me You Have Lost Nothing.”
by Dick Hunt, September 17th, 2012.

So read the note on the back of the Business Card given me by the Government Agent in Williams Lake B.C. His name was Bill and he was a deeply Christian man. The rest of the quote was, “If you meet Jesus Christ and you forget Him, you have lost everything”. I treasure my memories of him. He lived his faith and without being pushy, he was a great man to know. When trying to share our faith in Jesus Christ, it is essential that we remember that ‘Jesus must increase and we must decrease’. In the Gospels there are many texts such as , “we have met the Messiah” and ‘come and see”. The Old Testament is likewise strong in Prophesy of the Coming of the Lord who will be”King of Kings”, “Lord of Lord’s” and “the only Ruler of Princes”.

If we have gifts to share that are worth sharing, we need to remember that “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from God”. The very gift of life, which begins with our conception in our Mother’s womb is from God, and we are “knit together” in the process until we emerge into the light of day and begin to breathe on our own, normally complete little bundles of joy. As we progress through life, we need to discover what gifts’ God has given us to share, what we can be effective and happy in sharing and what will be of positive benefit to the society in which we live. Surely, the gift of Love, ‘self giving love’ is primary in the enrichment of the lives of the people we move amongst. But the greatest gift of all to share is the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ through whom we can be reconciled to God, be forgiven our sins, firmly united with God and restored in Peace with those we love.

Living as I do in a Seniors Village, there is hardly a building in this 1000 owner complex in which I have not exercised my ability to fix things, repair things and build shelves etc. for friends. I learned along the way that many homeowners have frustrating household problems that they find very difficult to cope with. For example, many years ago when I was visiting in my Parish in Williams Lake with a widow on a cold fall day, I learned that her single bulb kitchen light didn’t work.The switch was faulty. She had called an electrician many times who for nearly a year had not done the repair. I said I would go down the block to the hardware store, get a switch and put it in, which I did. She was so grateful that she wept and we had a cup of tea in the kitchen, with the light on. This is just a sample of the many repairs I have done and I have thoroughly enjoyed giving of the gifts God has given me. It really is more joyful to give than to receive.

But the greatest gift we can share is our Faith in Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour and Lord. For sheer blessing, to see the light of Christ blossom forth in the eyes of one who has come to the Lord and been filled with the Holy Spirit, is supreme. I have yet to see anyone who has said yes to the Saviour as Lord of their life, who is in the least sense unhappy, but only filled with gladness. For one thing, the lifting of their uncertainties and their beginning of new life with the guidance and comfort of the Holy Spirit is exhilerating for them and for the ones who have shown them the way. Jesus leads us home to our true Father in heaven, with all those who have said yes to Him and never turned away. True, there are too many who fall away again and yield to the false allures of the world around us. That is why we need to be with the believers, in Christ’s Body, the Church, for nurture & mutual strength & support.

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