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August 23, 2012

Time Is Getting On.

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Time Is Getting On.
by Dick Hunt, August 23rd, 2012

My memory is ticking back to 1955 when, not only in the midst of Grain Harvesting on the Ranch but also a major life change was pushing on us. After having been adding to my Ranch work weekly, conducting Church Services over an extensive area of east central Alberta for two years as a Lay Minister, God was moving us to a major Change. Ruth and I had already driven to Saskatoon to successfully seek out a house. We had spent weeks using every spare moment preparing to leave our years of Agricultural life along with our (then) three Children. We were also leaving behind our food production independence, much of our financial freedom and were trusting God to see us through into a new life style and back to the books. The children had never lived in a city before, nor had our dog, Goldie, a golden Collie. Our space was about to shrink, drastically.

There were several factors in my favour. Ruth and I, both with our tested and tried Faith in God, through Jesus Christ were knit together in this major move. In spite of some natural misgivings, our children were supportive and willing to give it a go. My two years of ministering as a Lay Minister had been most valuable in laying a strong pattern of commitment and preparation for teaching and preaching and counselling, soundly based on prayer and study in the Bible. And I was about to be strongly nurtured in daily worship with the Staff and Students in the College Chapel and in the lecture halls and in fellowship with the cross section of students from many parts of the world. I was the eldest in years among the students and got along well with them all. It is fair to say that my style was conservative and strongly based on the Bible.

One of the first weekends of the fall Academic term, was set aside for Inter- Collegiate Sports. I looked over the list of events and decided to enter the four mile run. It took us over a route along the Saskatchewan River, over undulating terrain, up and down the hills. 130 runners entered the race. I was probably the oldest runner in the race, at 35 years of age. I had done no preliminary training, beyond moving from the Ranch. I came in number 29th. Of the first ten in, five were from Emmanuel College and our total student body only numbered 52. Our Soccer team came in first, due largely to the influx of English and Irish converts from Billy Graham. We led the field in both Debating and Public Speaking.

Our fourth child was born just over a year after we arrived in Saskatoon. Thanks to an alert Cancer Clinic Doctor, he was Diagnosed with Bone Cancer in his right thigh and suffered a full disarticulation of his leg at 16 days of age. He has never looked back and just celebrated his 56th birthday, in Coquitlam. He became a world class amputee Skiier and a highly qualified Cabinet Maker, a Father of three and step Father of three more. In addition to my studies, I was placed in charge of a Suburban Parish of 90 families in my second and final year at the College and as required, led the people to full self support; refurbishment of the Rectory with a new kitchen, new furnace and all necessary painting repairs etc. and all paid for by adding to a trust fund of only $800.00 by contributions from Parishioners. And I passed all my exams.

What does all that prove to me? Just that when God calls us to do what he wills for us, He gives us the skills, resources and strength to do what He asks. He knows our capabilities for they are His gifts to us. The Glory is His for the finished task.

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