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August 23, 2012

Our Bodies Are Made From What We Ingest.

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Our Bodies Are Made From What We Ingest.
by Dick Hunt, Tuesday, April 24th, 2012.

It is also true of course that we take into our blood streams  and thus into our organs, materials which are ingested through our skin, the largest organ in our bodies and our first line of defense against diseases. Significantly, we also receive Vitamin D and other  essential nutrients in this manner.  It is very important that we keep our bodies clean on the outside and on the inside, to prevent illness and promote optimum health.

Unfortunately we are subject to the ill effects of a great many toxic substances through the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and even the medications we ingest, in our struggles to keep healthy.  The major battles being fought by the Universal Health Care Systems are geared to making sick people well, not to keeping people healthy.  I am reminded of this with almost every piece of mail I receive, asking for funds to find new ways of making sick people well.  Seldom do I receive any mail asking for aid to keep healthy people  healthy.

I received such a piece of mail today; “With your help, we can diagnose life threatening diseases sooner, leading to faster treatment and saved lives.”  Fair enough.  But we need to learn more about maintaining optimum health, both by taking care to choose what we put into  our bodies and also to make sure that our bodies receive all the nutritive ingredients needed to keep us healthy. I write from the perspective of my age, (I will be 92 on August 4th, 2012)  and that I am not on any oral prescription medications.

Health Canada is charged with the task of checking the safety of foods and prescription medications,  to consumers. It is no secret that they are light years behind in their ability to do the job with any chance of success.  There are reportedly at least 80,000 additives in todays foods that have never been tested for safety, let alone the health giving nutritive content required for good health. Many of the soils from which our produce comes to us are dangerously depleted of essential nutritives to keep us healthy. Add to that the fact that the countless additives put into our foods to make them look better, keep them from rotting or spoiling in transit and taste better and we are at the mercy of food merchants, many of whom are chiefly interested in the bottom line. And it is not generally known that a great many people die each year from miss-prescribed drugs  or miss-used drugs.

It is also true that many companies are marketing nutritional supplements that are not based on adequate scientific research to make sure they are safe, effective, natural food based, constantly checked for purity in manufacturing and shipping and clinically proven in every respect.   The products I have trusted without any but the best of health and effectieness for 34 years are exclusively from Shaklee Corporation, based in the United States and now being marketed in all North America and four countries in Asia, including Japan, China and Taiwan. Shaklee has always been determined to keep people healthy and leave no stone unturned to be able to fully guarantee that their products are always safe, always effective and always contain exactly what the lables declare. The Company has been marketing a wide range of products for 56 years in the U.S. and 36 years in Canada, only through Independent Distributors.

There is a good and sufficient reason why they don’t advertise and don’t sell over the counter.  The products are in a class by themselves in every respect.The advertisers are people like myself who believe without a doubt the products are the best available and need to be demonstrated in their method of use for best results and best economy.  For example, the full line of Biodegradable cleaning products are so effective they will save consumers up to 75% of their cleaning costs when used correctly.  More is not better when it come to Shaklee. Dr Shaklee who founded the Company  was often asked by potential customers why they should use his products instead of someone elses line.  He always said. “lay aside the products you are now using for thirty days and use mine instead.  If you cannot notice a significant improvement in your health, bring back the the empty containers and I will give back all your cost of my products.  That guarantee still stands and in 34 years I have only been asked for return of funds five times., none of which were for non performance of the products.

On a points value system, bonuses are paid to Members and Distributors who  introduce other people to the products  and also the opportunity to earn bonuses and significant income from Shaklee.  Multitudes of people have found financial security for a lifetime with their families and at the same time, optimum health, a very clean and healthy home and a host of new friends, free travel with Shaklee, bonus cars.  The list of blessings goes on and on.  And there is no way that we can do anything but good to people or the environment by sharing Shaklee with them. The people who embrace Shaklee as their way of life are those who want to help other people by sharing the good things of life. We do what we love and we love what we do.

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