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August 23, 2012

My Observations on How Bad Health Occurs.

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My Observations How Bad Health Occurs.
by Dick Hunt, , May 6th, 2012.

First thing for most people to do who want to lose weight is to feed your body what it needs, to care for all your trillions of cells.  If you are seriously lacking in Essential nutrition, your appetite will not be satisfied no matter how much you eat. Listen to your body. If you still feel hungry after a big meal, you have a serious nutritional need and the lack will not be satisfied by just eating all the stuff you normally eat. Failing to take your food intake seriously will simply result in frustration, you will continue to pile on the pounds (kilograms) and you could be a disaster case. Being overweight will contribute  to a myriad of illnesses; notably Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer.

Last week I was able to attend a Retired Clergy and Spouses Luncheon Meeting in a Church hall in South Surrey. There were 50 people there, and it was announced that I was the eldest person present.  Many of the group were friends of mine and I have known some of them for nearly 60 years. My impression of the general health of many of them was that I was  in notably better health than many. I put that down to my constant reliance on high quality Nutritional Supplements every day for the past 34 years. Before I discovered Shaklee Corporation, the developer, maker and most reliable source of these products, I had been searching without success for good supplements in the market place. As a result, I was stricken with a Virus Infection in my right ear. In quick succession it destroyed both my hearing and my balance mechanism  in that ear. I have been afflicted by that difficulty for 44 years. I live with it daily.

I am virtually certain that had I had access to Shaklee Nutrition prior to 44 years ago, I would still have my hearing and balance in my right ear. The reason I use a walker to get around is that I have to use it to maintain my balance at all times. My blood pressure is always perfect, my heart beat is tops, my lungs function well,  I rarely have so much as a little sniffle, I sleep very well, I have good energy, my cholesterol is in great balance. And I am on no oral prescription medications. Nor is my wife, who in spite of her Alzheimer’s of 14 years duration is otherwise physically healthy and on no prescription meds. We are both nearing our 92nd birthdays and our 68th Anniversary. I still see that she gets her nutritional care each day and take her for a long walk as we visit.  And yes, she always knows me and the sparks of Romance  still fly between us.

I also have excellent memory recall and as was announced at last weeks luncheon, I write several new stories each week. My subjects are varied but I do not write fiction or for entertainment. I write of my experiences as a Cattle Rancher in my youth, as a member of the R.C.A.F. for four years during the war and  my work in Radio Technology, my work as a carpenter builder and cabinet maker, and of Christian Ministry, first as a Lay Minister for 4 years and then    in Ordained Ministry for 57 years. I retired in 1985 but until recently have been making myself available to assist and Minister wherever there is need and I am invited. I read voraciously, share my stories widely by Internet, enjoy life tremendously and learn something new and exciting every day.  And I give all the Glory to God who keeps me healthy and hungry in my efforts to share the Good News of the Faith with all the people with whom I am  in contact.

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