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August 7, 2012

How do things get in such a bad state?

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How do things get in such a bad state?
by Dick Hunt, Saturday August 4th, 2012. <dhunt57@shaw.ca>
A partial answer is; A bit At A Time.  Today one of my Daughter’s  had car trouble on a very crowded and busy highway.  Her transmission (standard)  failed. Fortunately, she was able to call BCAA, get out of the car, get the location of a reliable Repair shop and have the car towed there. Two men in two separate cars stopped and pushed the car off the road.  She phoned her sister who sent her son to pick her up and take her to my birthday lunch, which she co-hosted. The car didn’t suddenly break down. It took 119,000 km.  to do it.

When the paint peels off our houses, cupboards, cars etc., it doesn’t happen quickly. It takes time.  When our clothes get shabby and threadbare, we know it is the ravages of time and use that is the cause.  Simillarly, when we “get sick”, it is normally not that we go suddenly from well to sick; it takes time for dis-ease to bring us to a stop, even when we are exposed to  infectious diseases.  Our immune systems are constantly under attack from thousands of toxins and poisons and we need to do all in our power to build them up so they can fight the dangers to which the cells (trillions) in our bodies are constantly exposed. That is a major way in which we can help prevent illness from putting us out of condition.  It is our ‘built in’ maintenance system to keep us functioning, like maintenance on the machines that so  completely control our lifestyles.  It would be great if we could trust our food choices to provide us with all the essential nutrition necessary to nourish all the trillions of cells in every part of our bodies.  But without the opportunity for most people in the world to grow our own foods, it is very difficult to be aware of what is in most of the foods which we purchase.  Many are spoiled by additives  and in many other ways and lack many essential nutrients as well. Enter Shaklee Corporation, now in, business since 1956 in the U.S. and since 1976 in Canada.  Ruth and I joined as Members in 1978.
Shaklee Corporation has worked with a world renowned Japanese Immunologist, Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima who has spent forty years developing a product called Interferon, made from plants, which aids our bodies in producing naturally the Interferon needed to protect us from every enemy to our health and also greatly increases our bodies’ capacity to produce white blood cells which rush to the protection of our health from everything that invades our bodies. Shaklee has exclusive patent rights to the product, called “Nutriferon”.  It is a marvellous help for people who want to avoid illness, using it every day. Shaklee believes fervently in helping people of every age to maintain their health, rather than get “fixed” after they get sick. All Shaklee products are targeted to provide health to people and to the environment. I use all the nutritional products relevant to male health, I am not on any medical prescriptions and at the age of 92 I have recently had a full physical examination, including all blood work and have been pronounced in perfect health by my Doctor.

I am able to maintain healthy weight, excercise regularly, sleep well, have abundant energy, visit my wife, (Alzheimer’s) write many stories and articles on my Computer, have amazing memory recall. I share them with many people on the Internet, maintain and “feed” my Blog.              https://57dickhunt.wordpress.com/

I give all the Glory to God who has given me every gift to share for the good of the people in my family, my friends, and those who I meet along the way. My Faith in the living God in Christ our Saviour is the best gift of all. Shaklee Products are  major gifts that I have to share, because healthy people are much more effective in doing what is required to be great citizens. One of the greatest blessings with Shaklee is that the products are easily available to anyone, provide not only great health and a clean environment but by sharing them freely, provide a very significant income for anyone, from their homes, with a  very small  investment. Ask me.

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