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July 26, 2012


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by Dick Hunt, Thursday, July 26th, 2012.

I am not conscious of Discipline having been a burden to me at any time during my life. As a child, I knew the rules of behaviour by the reasoning of my parents, with only very rare physical persuasion. And in those rare mini conflicts, the reason for the correction was patiently explained to me. I had four siblings and we all had the same training, with the same results. And the character and lifestyle of our parents was our model. Consequently, when I left home to continue my education, I had no problem following the guidelines of behaviour.

When I joined the Armed Forces, I likewise had no difficulty. On one occasion in a workshop in the Air Force, I was using a piece of chalk, drawing a diagram on the front of a blue folder in answering a technical question from a young airman when one of the N.C.O.’s knocked the book out of my hand and screamed, “don’t you ever write on my folder again or I’ll have you on charge.” When I tried to explain what I was doing and why, he just became more angry. A few days later, I was walking with a friend downtown and we came upon the same N.C.O. We were all in civies and Bob who was also an N.C.O. grabbed the fellow by the collar and said, “Don’t you ever pull that trick again in the shop or I will mop the floor with you.” That changed the atmosphere. Some people can’t handle a little authority.

In our one room country school, with one young, poorly paid teacher, ten grades and 36 pupils, we had a thorough grounding in the 3 R’s, good behaviour, morals, daily Bible Reading and the Lord’s Prayer and we thrived on it all. We knew the difference between right and wrong.
We now live in a very different world. Most of the world’s people do not recognize any standard, believable basis of behaviour and no absolutes of belief either for individuals or for the public. Having tossed aside the God who made the world and everyone and everything in it, mankind is adrift on a stormy sea with no accepted authority to show the way. In a sense, it is every man for himself and “my way is all the direction I need”. People frequently say, “I don’t know what the world is coming to?”. “Why do we have mass murders of innocent people?”. “Why do we have terrorism?”. “Why are there so many starving people?”

The world has largely ordered God out of people’s lives; the Schools, the Judiciary, the Governments. And it seems true to say, God has little control over what is taught and practiced and preached in many churches and even less in Universities and Colleges. Standards having been obliterated, behaviour is out of control for many people in the societies around the world. It is important to realize that God has given to the human race freedom to choose and He will not take away that freedom. It is also important to know that God has made it possible for people in almost every country in their own language to read His book, the Bible, for our learning and instruction. And if that were not enough, He has come into the world himself in the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ to reveal himself, His love and His plan for all mankind. And In Jesus, he has provided His plan of Salvation, Forgiveness and Reconciliation for the whole world. He loves all His human creatures and wants no-one to suffer, but to come home to Him in His Kingdom of Love. There are millions of people who are suffering and dying rather than give up their Faith in God, in this hurting world. God loves all His people. All of us.

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