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May 3, 2012

When We Do Our Best, God Will Do The Rest.

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When We Do Our Best,  God Will Do The Rest.
by Dick Hunt, May 3rd revision of April 25, 2012.

I cadged that saying from my Care Worker this morning as she was getting my breakfast.  And it is very thought provoking. I might comment on it by saying “If we do our best, for all of the Rest”. There are so many people in this world and we are all on this Planet with our part to play.  In the very clear second (summary) of the Commandments, we are instructed by no less an authority than Jesus Christ that we are to love our neighbours as (much as) we love ourselves. Our neighbours in this modern world are all the people who are in need.  That really put’s us all on the spot. Now, with the immediate (90 seconds) time lapse electronically to communicate  around the earth, we get the news of the needy in every corner of the planet. So we need to be clear as to what needs we can reasonably meet on the world scene.

The obvious place to start is next door.  We  are sometimes loathe to take on being neighbourly with the people next door but we are taught in the Scriptures that we are to love them even though we may not like them as they are.  And it is fair to suggest that we may not like them because we do not really know them. Some of my neighbours down the years have made it clear they do not want to know me. We need to love them anyway, for both our sakes. I have been a ordained Anglican Minister for 55 years and many people just don’t know what to make of us types. Is he going to preach at us?  Look down on us?  Or if I became known as a farmer, would people put  me down as a redneck? (I was a Rancher until age 35).  I have mixed in with people of many vocations and they have all enriched my life immensely.
I was born into a Ranching family in Alberta, in the Ranch house. I spent four years in the R.C.A.F. during the war. I have been a carpenter/builder, a radio technician and have enjoyed my work wherever I have served. I am the husband of one wife, the father of four children, We have  ten grandchildren and two great grandsons. And I have friends across the board. What a wonderful world we live in! For the past 17 years I have been writing stories and articles based on my memories and experiences and the varied work I have been engaged in. Fortunately, my Father taught me early on that work is not a bad word and that when I took on any job it was not having the job that was important, but doing it as well as I was able until it was thoroughly finished that carried the day.  That has been a goal and guide that has never left me, no matter what work I have been engaged in. Sir Francis Drake, a historical figure and leader of great merit, wrote a Prayer enshrining that high mark of endeavor and uttered it before going into a great Naval Battle  many years ago.

We never know the strengths or weaknesses of anyone until we build a friendship with them, based on a person to person relationship of trust and mutual interest. At the age of nearly 92 years, God has never taken away my very keen memory, my ability to write and the use of my computer (number 5 in the past 17 years).  I still type with two fingers and use the spell checker. I have a long list of e mail friends and share my stories and articles with them.  I don’t write to entertain but to inform and to share what God gives me to say. I am no hand at writing fiction.  I still do a great amount of reading which helps to keep me on track and able to avoid making too many errors. And I thoroughly enjoy sharing my writings, especially with people who for whatever reason, respond.
Ah!  But how do we know we have done our best?  Do we know what is best?  This story is not yet closed. Every person on this earth is still a work in progress. At any one time in our lifespan, we are still, hopefully, in a learning process. We are not finished until we are are drawing our last breath.  Then comes our “final exam”.  The Bible tells us that we are not yet ‘in the clear’  as long as we are still able to learn.  ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that all who believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16, new King James)…He who believes in Him is not condemned: but he who does not believe is condemned already because he does not believe in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” (John 3:18)  I am not sure I have done my best. I  am still hungry to learn.  I am still learning, reading, thinking, praying for clarity as I share what I am learning. A day in which I do not learn something new and precious is a day partly lost.

I am very careful to make the best use of my time in my reading, choosing authors who are well trusted in their scholarship, not given to guesswork or revising the widely accepted Scriptures to tickle the ears of people who are looking for entertainment. The Bible has been my chief source of studies for seventy years and using the scholarly works of best repute and listening to what the Holy Spirit says through the Word written and the  Word made flesh, Jesus  Christ I believe I am on track to continue. I am still discovering new and exciting blessings as God opens to me new understanding of the Word, day by day. Truly Jesus Christ is the Way, the truth and the Life, and no-one comes to Father except through Him. The journey is exciting and deeply rewarding.

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