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April 20, 2012

Being In The Center.

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Being In The Center.
by Dick Hunt, April 20th, 2012.

On March 31st, 1944 when I was still in the Air Force in Calgary, Ruth and I had been out for a long walk in the evening and as usual we shared a great deal in common. When we got back to where she was living with a good little family, we visited a while longer and then she saw me to the door and we looked at each other and in a moment of sheer magic we both realized we were deeply in love and melted into each others arms and with one voice expressed our love to each other. That was the first time we had shared so much as a little hug and Ruth had been very careful to keep me at arms length  until we were both sure of our mutual commitment.  We didn’t loiter even then but I went off to my Air Force Station just bubbling with happiness. From that evening onward we simply began planning, a step at a time, to spend the rest of our life together.

When I next arrived at work on the Station, one of the first people I saw was a very good friend called Syd Pearce and he immediately said, “What has happened to you since I last saw you?  You are grinning like a Cheshire Cat”.  So I told him that Ruth and I had discovered our mutual love for each other and that our lives would never the same again.  In fact we loved each other so deeply and  tenderly that we never allowed any action on our part that could cloud our future together. We were in a very real sense the center of each others attraction but over-riding that attraction was a deeper one still, that we would, together, stand with our Lord Jesus  and seek to please him and make him our mutual attraction as we lived out our life together. What a rich life that has been!
Contrast that situation with many that start off with promise and fade away into distrust, coming to an end almost before they have begun. When we first met, Ruth and I  were practicing Christians and seeking an ever deeper relationship with Jesus, in his Body, the Church. In any human situation, anyone who is determined to be the center of whatever relationship they want to associate with, can quickly destroy any chance of bringing that to happen.  There can only be one central figure.  Ruth and I are central for each other but in the greater presence of the Lord Jesus in the Kingdom of God.  In all the years of my Ministry, I always strove to persuade couples who came to me to be married to make God the center and focus of their life together. Not a few of them have contacted me down the years to thank me for getting them started with God at the center of their life.

To attempt to build a marriage upon mutual physical attraction and the hope of great sex (that’s what the ads insist must happen in this sex possesed world), is the way of virtual despair, leading to ever greater frustraton and assurance of a lonely future with no lasting joy and happiness. When their dreams elude them, they blame each other and go looking for a new partner to try out. And don’t look to me or to Ruth or to both of us together as models.  The only model worth following is Jesus Christ who came into this world to make God our true Father known. He alone can  remove all the barriers to true and lasting happiness from all mankind as we determine together to turn over the direction of our lives to Jesus. He gave himself totally on the Cross, shedding his blood to the last drop to buy us back from disobedience and despair in our vain attempts to do our own thing. Give yourself a break.  He has already paid our debts, in full.

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