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April 17, 2012

Master or Mistress Of Our Own Destiny?

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Master or Mistress  Of Our Own Destiny?
by Dick Hunt, Saturday, April 15th, 2012.

It is certainly true that each of us humans is given the  freedom to make our own choices in life, with certain limits. When we are very young most of us are governed by our parent or hopefully parents (plural). As we grow up, we are searching ways of making our own choices. We are also under the control of commonly accepted standards of behaviour, both by society in general and by the laws of the land.  None of the above is news to young people or the ones who guide them in their early years. Many young people are  taught the difference between right and wrong behaviour. Some are not and have to keep an eye on their peers to work out their own behavioral choices. And that is where the ground becomes shaky and unkind. Since in most of our so called developed world,  teachers are  not permitted to set the standards of moral behaviour, leaving it to their pupils to make up their own minds, the choices are wide open. More and more, legal and other authorities are not permitted to give any spiritual direction, presuming that all religions are equally valid and that no standards are to be set. Many of the truly ghastly and violent incidents of shootings in schools and other public institutions and in the market places result from the lack of acceptable behaviour and moral and spiritual guidance in the homes and schools of the nations. Now we are also at the mercy of terrorists  who are determined they must exterminate all who do not believe as they do.  That is you and me and many from the world of Islam and the Arab lands who are also at their mercy. What a sick world.
We have to face up to the facts as we have them. When two persons or authorities both want to call the shots and do not agree on who will dominate, there will be be stress and disagreement. If they have no common basis for behaviour or decision making, no common ground will be found. If their is no authority to which both can turn for help, there will be no unity of purpose or activity. That too is a mark of our current world society of groups and communities in the world. In the interests of trying to treat all peoples and systems of behaviour with equal authority to govern all religions and morals and ethics and purposes and effectiveness for harmony and the well being of the greatest number in all areas, we have ended with confusion,violence and vicious wars and treacherous threats on many fronts.

It is possible to sort out among the various religions of the world, those which claim to believe in a monotheistic God who is the authority of all the world and it’s peoples. There seem to be three;  The Hebrews. the Christians and those who practice the religion of Islam; (exclusive of the Islamists who are the fundamentalist terrorists, against everyone else). The three are basically Peace loving, spring from the same historic roots in Hebrew and Christian life own Abraham as their historic Faith leader.  Christians are committed to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, who came to earth from heaven as the Son of God, born of God from the Virgin Mary to be God among us, to show us the express Person of God, to die for all people of the human race to save us from sin and eternal death as Saviour/Lord.

As a result, I am a believing, practicing Christian. The  Christian Faith is the only one which deals with the problem of sin and salvation and forgiveness.  That is because the God of all the universe and all people came down from heaven to earth in the person of Jesus, born in Bethlehem to be God among us. We have just come through the beginning of the Easter season, remembering that the Son of God died on the Cross of Calvary, was placed in a tomb, rose from the dead on the third day (Easter) and appeared to many people, in fact to more than 500 people at once after his resurrection. Our Salvation from selfishness and disobedience has been won for us on the Cross and paid for in the terrible sufferings of Jesus, for all the world’s people. God gives the breath of life to everyone who is born into this world.  We belong to Him as we proceed through our lives, whether short or long. But we cannot have the fruits of forgiveness and a New Life in Christ unless we say yes to him, as individuals.

If we want to know what God is like, we need only to look at the New Testament record of the life of Jesus; His Love, His teachings, His healings, His horrible suffering and Death on the Cross, His three days in the tomb, His rising from the dead, His appearance to many in His glorified body, His final visit with His Disciples and His Ascension into heaven to open our hearts and minds to the magnificent gifts of Salvation for all who believe and say yes to Him. He has won the battles for us and neither Sin nor Death  can separate us from the Love of God which is ours through the Saviour of the world when we say YES.

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