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April 14, 2012

“He Did Nothing For Me On The Cross.”

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“He Did Nothing For Me On The Cross.”
by Dick Hunt, Saturday. April 14th, 2012.
Please note the exclamation marks on the title. The statement did not come from me.  It is a quote from a friend long since deceased, which has never faded from my memory. What makes it stick in my memory is that it was spoken to me by a person who was a very active worker in Christian Education in various churches. The tragedy is twofold, in my mind.  It is strong evidence that the person was not aware that being disobedient to God made her an unforgiven and even unrepentant sinner.  The first step to forgiveness is to be aware of our sins.  The Bible is very clear that the whole human race is strongly prone to sin; e.g., Romans 3:23.  It is surely being disobedient to God to ignore the clear teachings of the Bible and claim that we are not in need of the forgiveness of our sins through what Jesus has done for the whole human race on the Cross.

In the second place, as a teacher of Children (especially), the innocent ones  are easily mininformed  are not taught the truth issuing from the lips of a teacher who does not believe he/she is a sinner. For some years, until he passed away, I was a close friend of a man who was very aware of the blessing of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and of his own need for the Saviour.  He used to tell me that people thought too highly of him and that he was not worthy of their trust in him, for he was a sinner.  I used to say to him, “Ralph, the closer we come to Christ in our life of worship and trust, the more we realize our need for Him”. Only those  far from Him do not believe they sin.”
I have to believe that my Sunday School teacher friend was mistaken, at least when she said to me some years before her death, that Jesus had done nothing on the cross for her, that the remark came from her heart, that she indicated she had nothing for which to be forgiven.  There is a vast difference between being ‘righteous’ in the sight of God and being ‘self righteous’.  To be Righteous before God is something that can only be given to us humans by God himself through Jesus Christ and His Finished work on the Cross for our Salvation and received by us through repentance for sin, and faith in our Saviour. To be ‘self righteous’ means that we have a belief that we are all O.K. in ourselves and in no need of help from anywhere or anyone.

I recall a Sunday morning when as a ‘Lay Reader’ in my home town I preached on the subject above. After the service the organist accosted me with the statement that ‘she didn’t want to hear any more nonsense of righteousness, that there was already too much righteousness around’. I missed the mark or she missed the point.  Being ‘self righteous’ allows people to erect statues to themselves and to be ambitious for self glory.  That is very different form being ambitious for God in Christ, to bring Glory to him which is what we are called to do, in our lifetimes. It is also the way to true happiness and fulfilment, as can be experienced only when we say our firm yes to God through Jesus, who came to live and die and live again after his Crucifixion, Death, Resurrection and forever, calls us to the Father in heaven.

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