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April 10, 2012

God Has A New Car

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God Has A New Car.
by Dick Hunt, April 10th, 2012.

Around 1960, when we lived in Stettler Alberta, on a Sunday morning in the spring we had a new car.  I drove into the parking lot at the Church just as a family was getting out of their car alongside.  A little girl said, “look Mummy, God has a new car”. Her Mummy said “hush dear, that is Mr. Hunt’s car”. I thought it was a good line, because everything in Creation belongs to God including the bodies of all the world’s people.  We only have our bodies during the time when we live in this world, then they return to dust and ashes.

Well, I am certainly not God but every breath I inhale is a gift from God, who gave me the breath of life at my birth. He also designed the whole Creation, everything in it, not only planet earth and all  it contains but ‘all of interstellar space’ with the myriad heavenly bodies.  From the most insignificant human dwelling to the most magnificent castle, everything in them and the people who live in them belong to God.  We will be called to account for what we did with the time and the things we used in our pilgrimage as we pass through this life. A large portion of the New Testament was written by St. Paul, who was a ‘Pharisee of the Pharisees’ a prominent member to the ruling Hebrew  party, who in his early years did all he could to destroy the Christian Church; until he met Jesus on the road to Damascus and was speedily converted, becoming the very effective missionary so effective for Christ.

So we have a lifetime, whether long or short in which to decide whether we will come to terms with God our Maker and Provider as we make our way through. And none of us knows when our physical death will occur. St. Paul said that our bodies are like “Tents” in which we live while we are here. He spent his life after meeting Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus, sharing the Good News of Salvation with everyone he was able to contact. The area where he was encountered by Jesus was where so much agony and suffering is now being inflicted on millions of people. Yet Jesus, the only Son of God, came into the world to be the Prince of Peace, to show the whole human race the Love of the Father and to be the only Saviour for all of humanity. There is no other way to come to the Father and Creator

In the National Post today there was a full page spread given to letters to the Editor for and against belief in a god. It was interesting reading but would not likely persuade anyone for or against believing. But it gave freedom for people to sound off and let off steam. I believe in the God who I believe created all things out of nothing, making all the raw materials, the space which is beyond imagining, designing all things, preserving all things and yet loving without limit all of us humans, believers and unbelievers alike. He will not give up on us until we cease to draw breath. I believe in Jesus Christ, His Son, our Lord, who loves us all so much, that with all our warts and disobedience and while we were yet sinners died in our place to purchase with his own blood the forgiveness which alone will open the gate of heaven and let us in.

I am happy with the talents and studies of Scientists who are doing their jobs to try to unravel the hows of  creation and I am content to believe that the Bible is not a scientific text book. In no way does it claim to be such.  It just says God did it by his Word of Command and I  am happy with that.  If he is really God, it means he had the power to do that.  I believe too that at the right time, in the right place he caused the Virgin Mary to conceive a child without benefit of a human father and that when the Child was born he was God’s only Son and that Jesus is the Word of God clothed in a human body, no less human than we are and yet still  Divine – God among us for about 33 years.  God still among us as the Holy Spirit, since the risen Lord Jesus ascended in his  Glorified Body, 40 days after Easter.

What causes me to believe?  I read my Bible as I have been doing regularly for nearly seventy years.  And I choose to believe, having made my choice deliberately at the age of 32, when Jesus made himself very present and alive to me as I was working in Agriculture.    I find the evidence powerfully in support of believing.  I find believing is a great way to live, filled with hope and joy and gladness. I believe that Faith in the Living God is for anyone who will ask, search, and want to know the truth. I know full well that nothing I have done gives me any claim to enter into Eternal life but only by the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross may I or anyone else in all creation enter into the Kingdom of God to be with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit forever, with all who have believed. The choice is ours. Only believe and you will see and experience the Power of God, in you.

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