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April 8, 2012

The Deep Significance Of The Blood Of Christ

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The Deep Significance Of  The Blood Of Christ.
by Dick Hunt, Easter Eve, 2012.

The Mother of John Wesley came to believe in Christ one year after her son. It happened as she knelt to receive Communion and heard the Minister say to her, “the Blood of Christ  which is given for thee’  and she said, “at that moment, the words struck through my heart and I knew God for Christ’s sake had forgiven me all my sins.”

People come to believe in Jesus in many ways and when He has come t0 receive us  and change us we know it has happened, for by his Spirit he comes into our very being and takes up residence in our hearts and minds.  The important thing to know is that he only comes into our life as we invite him in and decide to live for him.

In 1958, Victoria day weekend,  45 young people were sitting around on a circle of logs with a campfire in the center as I shared the passage from Ephesians, Chapter 6, “The whole Armour of God”  Suddenly a lovely young  girl jumped up from the log and started leaping and dancing around the campfire  saying. “I’m free, I’m free, I’m free:”.  She was until then a Budhist with her family at home and had been persuaded by her school friends to come to the weekend fellowship.  One of them said, “What do you mean Arlene?” Arlene said with great joy and gladness, “I’m free from sin, God has taken all my sins away”.  That started a movement of the Holy Spirit for a weekend that saw 17 of those young people came to Christ and three of them entered the Ministry.
Arlene was from my Parish and she wanted to firm up her new life in Christ. Baptism was the way to go and I counseled her over a period of some weeks.  Then she was Baptized on a Sunday morning and remained  active in the Church with other young people. She became engaged to marry a young man called Harold Gee who had a local laundry and dry cleaning service. He started attending Church services with Arlene and one morning we Baptized a number of infants. Harold burst out laughing and then stifled his outburst.  I asked him after the service what he thought was funny. He said, “I wondered whether you picked up Arlene on your arm like that and poured water over her head”. In the late fall of that year I counseled Arlene and Harold for marriage and officiated for them the evening before they departed for Vancouver to begin their new life together.  I heard from Arlene just before Christmas that year and she said  that Christ was working in her life to keep firm her conversion.

One of the young men who was  converted that weekend in the camp is still  very active in Parish Ministry in Alberta and we correspond on the internet. One has retired from the Ministry in Saskatchewan.  The other went back to England to train at Oakhill College and has stayed in England. I have lost contact with the others over the years.
My Mother became a member of the Parish Church near the campground where we studied in 1958 and left her positive imprint on the Church in many ways. I am happy to have a picture she painted of the Church which was so much a part of the work of the Holy Spirit that weekend.

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