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April 5, 2012

Gerry Rozenboom Was 6 ft., Seven Inches Tall

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Gerry Rozenboom Was 6 ft., Seven Inches Tall.
by Dick Hunt, April 5th, 2012.
I first met him in Church, where he was sitting with his wife, who was six feet, two inches tall.  Their son and daughter, in their middle teens were then six feet tall. Gerry was from Holland.  His wife was from England and was active in  St. Peter’s Parish Church. At that point Gerry was along for the ride.  His employment was as a Steam Engineer .

One of the activities that we spent valuable time with in the Parish hall was a once a month Coffee House for youth, open to all comers. You can imagine that, in the seventies there were many problems that youth could be engaged in.  On Coffee House nights, some of the problems appeared in the Parish Hall. We needed a security blanket  to protect both patrons and property.  We found that it was amazing how clever some of the young folks were at bringing in booze and drugs.  The vast majority of the normal full house youths were grateful to just have a place to be with other young people and wanted to follow the minimum rules we established for them.  Enter Gerry upon the scene.  He was a gentle soul, not given to violence.  His size  was a great asset in keeping order.  He had an eagle eye and seemed to be able to spot a problem before it really developed. The R.C.M.P. said when the Coffee House operated, they had nothing much to do. My main concern was to recruit enough help at the end of those gatherings to be able to put the place back together for the next morning. My daughter Joy was my constant blessing.
In the course of time, I announced one Sunday morning that Confirmation Instruction would commence for adults the following day and continue as long as necessary for those attending to really want to be active in the Church. I also said that I would not require any attendee to be Confirmed unless they really wanted to take that important step. That meant anyone could attend, simply to “test the waters” and to increase their understanding of the Christian Faith.

On Monday evening at 7 PM there was a good number of interested people present. Gerry was among them.  So was a lady called Penny Barr who came along simply to refresh her understanding and knowledge of the Faith.   She said to Gerry how good it was to see him and that she was glad he wanted to be Confirmed.  At that point he said, “no way, I just want to see what is going on”.  I hastened to assure him that he was under no obligation and was welcome to sit in whenever he wanted.  He continued to attend the classes and some months later, I finally announced the Bishop would be on hand to confirm those who wanted to be Confirmed on a date near at hand.  Gerry didn’t say a word. However, the next morning he phoned me and invited me to have coffee with him downtown. When we settled in with our coffee, Gerry said, “well Dick I never thought I would be able to say this, but I want to be Confirmed.  But I am not Baptized”. So we arranged to look after that important step the next Sunday morning. And had to bend him away down to pour water over his mighty head.  He became a strong Christian along with his family.

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