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March 26, 2012

Words and More Words.

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Words and More Words.
by Dick Hunt, Monday, March 26th, 2012.

I have just read a long article in the National Post, page A7 in the March 24th edition, entitled, “It’s So Lax.” It refers to the activity or lack of activity of Health Canada.  There are some points of confusion in it for the non scientific community, either deliberate or  intentional.  It fastens on two Companies which market their own formulations of their products; “Heart Drops’ and “Empower Plus” .  Although there is mention of  Pharmaceuticals on the one hand and Natural health products on the other, the words medicines and medications are used more or less indiscriminately.  That has the effect of suggesting that all  categories of products are medicines.  That leaves the impression upon many of us potential consumers that everything we take by mouth is a medical formulation, which for most people means a “drug”, which is administered by Medical Doctors.  In other words, “a prescription”.

My wife and I have been using natural based nutritional supplements from the same supplier for over 33 years and as a result we have not  needed any prescription drugs at all .  We are both well into our 92nd year and are healthy and vigorous.  We have learned without reservation to trust our supplier  for supplying only exhaustively tested ingredients at every stage from raw materials to sealed and  effective products. The scientific research is impeccable. We have never been the least disappointed in any product.
We have never been troubled in the least by any “side effect problems” because there have never been any.  All our supplied food supplements are clinically tested before being marketed.  And please note that they are not considered to be “medicine’ in the normally understood acceptance of such products, but as foods, made from food grade, pure raw materials from the most carefully chosen and regulated sources. The company has a 56 year unblemished history in the Nutritional Supplement industry. The products have been marketed in the U.S.A., for 56 years and in Canada since 1976. They are also marketed in Mexico, Japan, China, Taiwan and Malaysia and plans are afoot to expand into many more countries on an  ongoing basis.

In the last paragraph of the article there is a very doubtful statement, quote, “Biologically there is absolutely no difference between a natural product and a drug, in terms of having an effect on a biological process. It’s a false distinction that is being traded on in the public mind, and it really is a myth”.   Is Dr. Matthew Stanbrook trying to tell us that there is no difference between a Drug and it’s effect and a Natural Food Supplement and it’s effect or is he just not aware of the Dietetical needs of the human body  and what is required to keep us healthy? Either way, he is doing a disservice to the public who read the stuff he is publishing and he should get busy and do some real research. I am not a scientist but I have read Peer Reviewed scientific nutritional reports for many years and I am satisfied with what keeps me healthy.

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  1. I have the same belief in choosing natural over chemical in food supplements. I have discovered that all the name brands carried in my drugstore have the ingredients manufactured in the far east. The “made in Canada” label refers to the coating and packaging, not the supplement itself. This was confirmed by my druggist. I’m here from Vintage Green and this is the first time I have followed father and daughter blogs!

    Comment by Maureen — April 1, 2012 @ 6:50 am

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