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March 23, 2012

Emergency Radio Of 1942.

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Emergency Radio Of 1942.
by Dick Hunt, March 23 rd, 2012.

On Denny Island, some miles off the central coast of B.C. there was in 1940 and following a R.C.A.F. Bomber and Reconnaissance Squadron.  It was known as Bella Bella and sometimes as Sheerwater Station. But on nearby Campbell Island  was the Indian Village of Bella Bella and the United Church Mission and Hospital. We sometimes relied on the services of the Hospital to handle health care problems beyond the capabilities of our Station Sick Bay.

I was stationed there for 19 months. One of my responsibilities was to design and construct an emergency signals radio unit and lead a small group of Airmen off into the bush if needed in case of an enemy attack. It had to be powered by two very heavy Lead Acid Batteries, 24 volts each and we constructed a carry platform manned by four men to carry it. The Radio/Transmitter unit consisted of a two piece system used in our Flying Boats and Marine craft.  We tested it  by galloping off into the bush to a secluded and hidden place, threw our wire antenna over a tree branch and called our station Radio  unit.  All went as planned.  The station answered immediately. Fortunately, we were never faced with the need to gallop off into the bush, but of course we had to be prepared in case of such eventuality.

This morning a friend showed me her latest I Phone and demonstrated it’s capabilities.  To me it is an awesome advance from what we had in 1941 and following.  Not only is it tiny, but is easy to hide, requires only {tiny} spare batteries, is almost invisible and it shows Video images.
What awesome advances have been developed in the past 72 years. And more are being discovered almost daily. But many of the advanced technologies are being used for evil purposes by malevolent agencies and people bent on destruction of our most cherished facilities and freedoms even our very lives.  It is obvious that most of the riots which have been thrust upon widespread cities on the least provocation, such as the Vancouver Canucks loss of the playoffs, the London Ontario riots on St. Patrick’s day and many others have been orchestrated by hand held devices to get the rioters together and cause the greatest possible damage.

Respect for the Laws and the Law enforcement agencies is almost non existent among many young people, as well as many powerful criminal elements in society. Rebellion of children against their parents is not a recent problem only but has existed as long as there have been people on the earth. It is a very long time since Cain slew his brother Abel in the Garden of Eden and that occurred because of jealousy. Looting and theft are always part of the riots  of recent times. But that has been true of every generation  since the dawn of history.

But, praise God for the many young people of our Society who are showing great leadership and direction at every opportunity and for their parents who have shown them the Way, the Truth and the Life, as it is in Jesus. We need “to be saved from the fault and corruption of the [evil] nature which we inherit as well as from the actual sins which we commit”  {Book of Common Prayer … top of page523}. There will be no peace in this world except that which is given to those who do the will of the Prince of Peace,  Jesus Christ our Saviour.

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