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March 21, 2012

What’s In It For Him? Or What’s In It For him?

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What’s In It For Him?
What’s In It For him?
By Dick Hunt. March 21st, 2012.
O.K.  That is a strange title.  I wrote it that way because there can be a double meaning in the question.  The first Him  is emphasized, referring to God.  The second is general, addressed to anyone. As in the second case, it is often spoken in a negative fashion, questioning integrity, motive, as in “there’s got to be a catch – watch out for this guy”.  In the first case, which is in search of a positive and deliberate answer, we all need to be able to answer, in response to every query, “In what way can my thought or action or plan or  commitment be for God and for His glory and praise?

It is very common in our experience in the secular environment in which we live, to be charged with self seeking.  What is in it for you? It is a negative environment.  Watch out for this guy or this gal. They are not to be trusted.  They are after your money. Last week I had a small conversation with a man who told me he had been to many churches in this town of Maple Ridge and that none of them were any good.  They were all after your money, he said, just money grubbers.  I advised him to be very careful;  “if you ever do find a perfect church, don’t go there. You will spoil it as by your presence you will contaminate it”.  Obviously, by our actions or evil thoughts or lack of actions to correct our behaviour we will spoil any environment we touch, unless we are committed to serve and trust God. What is in it for God? God sees what is in our heart and mind.  The world  is watching  for our stumblings. The closer we come to God, the less we will stumble.  We come to the Father only through the Son, Jesus.

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