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March 4, 2012

Clean, Very Clean.

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Clean, Very Clean.
by Dick Hunt, Sunday, March 4th, 2012.
I have just returned from a Church Service in Saint Matthews, Abbotsford.  It was marvelous, very focused on the Go0d News which God provides and full of Hope and Joy.  I arrived home to a marvelously clean Town House, no spot of dust or grime missed and smelling sweet as could be.  My lovely Housekeeper comes every two weeks and leaves my place as clean as it is possible to make it. What a treasure she is. She goes well beyond the call of duty. She is the epitome of what a worker should be, thorough, cheerful, compassionate and totally reliable.

God is likewise, reliable, trustworthy, effective, and most efficient in cleaning up his human beings. He is not content to miss any corners but reaches into all the crevices or hiding spots where we might try to hide anything that corrupts our souls. In the Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Communion, which is still the  official guide and basis for worship throughout the world for faithful Anglicans, we read these words from the beginning of the services of Morning and Evening Prayer; that “we should not dissemble nor cloak [our sins]  before the face of Almighty God our heavenly Father, but confess them with an humble, lowly, penitent and obedient heart, to the end that we may obtain forgiveness of the same, by his infinite goodness and mercy.” Only God can make us truly clean and only if we say yes to him.

My housekeeper cannot force me to be clean but she does a great job of cleaning up my whole home. She is a great example of human values and loving service.   God cannot force us to always obey as he gave to the whole human race the freedom to choose. But he holds out freely and lovingly his crucified and risen Son Jesus Christ as our Saviour who has died to set us free from the  guilt of  sin and the fear of death, that we may be cleansed of all our sins and thereby serve Him in perfect freedom and Hope.

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