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February 29, 2012

Falling Down Stairs

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Falling Down Stairs.

by Dick Hunt, February 29th, 2012.

My Father, when he was about 69 years of age and somewhat frail from a long life of suffering from Brochial Asthma, missed a step in the night and tumbled down a long flight of stairs. The family was astonished that he suffered no lasting ill effects. The house in which my parents were living was nearly 100 years old and still very sound and comfortable.

Within about two years, Dad caught pneumonia, was taken to the hospital and passed away peacefully two days later.

Ruth and I were still living in Saskatoon Saskatchewan with our four children, where I was just finishing my studies for the Ministry.  I immediately drove to Calgary when I learned of his imminent death and was with him in the evening with Mother and several members of the family.  He had a badly enlarged heart and was struggling to breathe. But he managed to ask each of us what our plans were for the future.  Finally, about ten PM he said, “well my old body is all worn out and I can’t do anyone any g0od any more.  So when you go home, I am just going to go to sleep and when I wake up I will be home.” It was quite clear to us all that he meant he would be at home in Heaven. But then he said something which puzzled us all and made us think his mind was wandering.  We all said goodnight Dad, gave him a hug and said we would see him tomorrow.  He smiled and said”, before I go Home, I am going to come and sit in my easy chair once more.”  We went home to where Mother was to live alone, had coffee, visited, some went on to their homes and off to bed.   Just after midnight the phone rang and since I was nearest to it, I took the call.  It was the Doctor at the hospital to say Dad had just passed away.

The other members in the house came to the phone and I shared the news with them.  We said a prayer together and went back to bed, thinking about everything. Just about one o’clock I with two of my brothers, my Mother and one sister in law heard the front door open and close, a very distinctive sound. There was no other sound, as we listened. We all heard the door open and close and noted the time for we were still awake. In the morning we discussed the words that Dad had uttered before we left him about coming home again to sit in his easy chair. We looked at the chair.  We could almost see it rocking.  We phoned the rest of the family and shared the news.  We discussed it again and again. We believed then as I do now  that somehow, Dad gave us a message that night and somehow he fulfilled his words. Aside from one sister in law who was there that night in the house, all the others are now deceased.

Dad was brought up in England in a home in which his Father  was Anglican and his Mother Roman Catholic. As each of their nine children was born, they became alternately Anglican or Roman Catholic, by agreement between them and the two Parish Priests.  When my Father was born, he became a Roman Catholic, well taught and nurtured in the Faith by his devout Mother.  Though he did not attend services in the R.C. Church when he came to Canada and married my devout Anglican Mother, (there was no R.C. Church within many miles),  he attended the Anglican Church with us all and was a very supportive Dad and a very honest and moral model for us all. The experience we shared the night of his passing was fully in keeping with the life he shared with us all the years as a Cattle Rancher.  What marvellous memories we have had.

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