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February 21, 2012

60 Plus Year Old Toaster

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60 Plus Year Old Toaster.
by Dick Hunt, February 21 st, 2012.
My answer to your first question ‘ Is it in a museum?’ No, it is on my Kitchen cupboard here in Maple Ridge. And I use it every day. And it works perfectly. How did we acquire it? It was given me from the estate of friends in Calgary after they had both passed away. How long did they use it? As best I can discover, some 25 years.When did we receive it? In 1968. Has it ever needed repairs? Yes, in 1980, in Victoria. The cost, $12.00, for a new thermostat, cord and clean up. So it is at least 64 years old. Final question, What make is it? SUNBEAM. I drop a slice of bread in the right hand slot, the elements begin to glow and bread goes down into the toaster. When it is toasted, it automatically comes up. A Caution! Have the thermostat setting correct if you don’t want the toast to burn.

Now, if Sunbeam can make a toaster that good, why can’t the other companies? And it is not a fluke! Some years ago I was at a garage sale in Fraserview Village here in Maple Ridge, B.C. and bought an identical one for $5.00. It worked perfectly. My youngest brother and his wife Connie needed a new toaster so I gave it to them, in Alberta. Many other companies are apparently more interested in selling products that last only a short time so they can sell more of them. Sunbeam likes to give good and reliable service, or used to at any rate.

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