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January 30, 2012

One Hundred And Two Years Old And Just Departed.

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One Hundred And Two Years Old And Just Departed.
His Car Is 82 Years Old And Still Running Well.
By Dick Hunt, January 30th, 2012.

I received the above item on the internet yesterday from a friend, with a colour picture of the owner and the car. It is astounding. He drove it until his death last year. It had 170,000 miles on the odometer and it is now in the Springfield MA U.S.A. Museum. He received it as a gift in recognition of his Graduation. It is a 1928 Rolls-Royce Pickadilly P1 Roadster, Sea Green and not a scratch on it. The only car he ever owned. He lived in the only body he ever had. His name is Allen Swift. Now he has been given a new body.

Cars do wear out and in well over a million miles of driving I have worn out a few. My first car was a well worn 1927 Chev Touring when I took possession of it in 1938. I am 91 years of age and getting worn out. When I pass away, that is “Die”, I don’t want to end up on the scrap heap. I want a new body without false teeth, one dead ear and one hearing aid, a Walker without which I cannot move around, a non functioning balance mechanism in my dead right ear and other signs of old age. I will need a new tent for my soul.

In one respect at least, we humans are all alike; we enter into this life at our birth with all the same attributes, whatever our race, colour, size, sex or country of origin. God gives us the gift of life at our conception and at birth begins to set us free to make our way through life. Some of us are highly favoured in our options. Others are very circumscribed and hemmed in by restrictions beyond their control. But we are all creatures of the Living God and He loves us all unreservedly. Why then are so many people unable to enjoy life to a ripe old age?

There are many reasons. Many of God’s people are being slaughtered, starved, severely restricted in many parts of the world in spite of massive efforts to protect them and nourish them and give them a chance in life. And many people ask the tough question? Why does God permit the evil, violence, mayhem, genocide to continue. Does he not care? When he created the human race, he gave everyone the freedom to choose their own way and he will not take away that gift. All people will meet our God at the judgment day and there will be no way for anyone to avoid that meeting.

Furthermore, none of God’s people are perfect. Nor will we be perfect at the day of judgment. The only perfect person who ever lived on this earth was Jesus Christ, Saviour and Lord of all who put their trust in him. We are all blessed to be able to put our trust in Him when we are aware of His claims upon us. And when we do, He is the one who opens the gate of Heaven and Eternal life to let us in. What about those who have never heard of Him? That is our fault. We are all called to share the Good News of Jesus as Saviour and Lord, with those who have not met Him. And we are all capable, in ways of Gods’ leading, to do our part. We need to say yes to God first, as we get to know him through Jesus, in order to share.

What makes us evil? Brain washing. The determination to try to make ourselves front stage in our little self centered kingdoms. The example of those who have a major role in our development. And it has to be said; the sin of disobedience passed down from generation to generation from our ancient forefathers. They too tried to hide from God when they sensed he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day. “Where are you Adam and Eve?” Where are you and I?

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