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January 24, 2012

How Often Has God Intervened For our Safety?

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How Often Has God Intervened For our Safety?
by Dick Hunt, January 24th,2012.
One answer is, ‘We will never know’. But I can identify some of the times when I have been in real difficulties and have come through without a scratch. One such time was when I was on my way home from a long trip in my car from a funeral in the West Branch Valley, around 200 miles west of Williams Lake, B.C. The roads were dirt with some gravel stretches. The date was late March, 1962. The time was known as “break up’, and must have referred to broken up roads. In the day time they were soft and muddy. After sundown they were frozen and treacherous.The point of my difficulty was a stretch which had been churned up badly when it was thawing and then frozen into fearsome shape when frozen. In those days in the Chilcotin west of Williams Lake, nearly all traffic was in powerful pick up trucks with higher clearance than my Chev. Impala. I suddenly realized I had a problem when the car sounded like the muffler had fallen loose and that was exactly the problem.

I had a flash light and by pearing under the car discovered the tail pipe and muffler had fallen on the road while still being fastened at the back. In order to remove it, I had to jack up the left rear of the car and take off the wheel, unfasten the hanger and drag out the whole works. I put the wheel back on, put the jack away and then tried to put the whole thing inside the car. No way! About the time I decided to throw the whole thing into the bush, along came a man in a pick up (it was now one in the morning and I was very cold). The man took the muffler and tail pipe to town for me. I proceeded to go home with a very noisy car and the help of the man saved me quite an expense in repair costs.
Needless to say, Ruth was very concerned about my safety. No cell phones! I got home at 2 AM. And I thanked God all the way home in that noisy car.

On another occasion, Ruth and I were on our way home from Prince George to Maple Ridge when we were on a two lane stretch of highway, travelling at 80 km per hour when we were suddenly confronted by a large cow moose which had just bounded out of the ditch on the drivers side of the car. I locked the brakes, the tires screamed and the moose ground to a halt in the middle of the highway. Acting instinctively, I was just able to miss the moose by a whisker without going into the ditch. I was likely still travelling at about 50 km which would likely have demolished the car and ourselves as well. And yes, we thanked God all the way home.

I have had other close calls which I recognized as such and each one has made me aware of how fortunate I have been to have been spared to live another day. When driving an old truck as a young man I suddenly became aware that flames were pouring up around the passengers seat. The danger arose from the fact that the seat was right on top of the gasoline tank. I quickly stopped, threw the seat out of the cab, pulled the burlap sacking out from around the tank and out of the truck (burning my hands in the process) and was spared being in the midst of a large explosion. In the process of driving a million miles or more over 75 years over a large portion of North America, I am sure that I have been in imminent danger countless times without being aware of God’s intervention. Now thank we all our God, with hearts and hands and voices!

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