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January 6, 2012

Milestone 68, as of January 4th, 2012

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Milestone 68, as of January 4th, 2012
by Dick Hunt, January 6th, 2012.

Ruth and I have just passed another anniversary in our lives together. Having just arrived in Calgary after a 19 month posting to #9 Bomber and and Reconnaissance Squadron, R.C.A.F.,off the West Coast of B.C., I saw a notice in the Orderly Room at my new station in South West Calgary which caught my attention. The Anglican Young People’s Association at St. Stephen’s Church welcomes members of the Armed Forces at their social gathering on Monday evening next, and the address was included. I determined that I should attend the event. When I walked in, a pretty brunette with a lovely smile welcomed me. Her name was Ruth Brandon. I didn’t know that she would let me change her surname at that point, but that is the way it worked out. And along the way, we were convinced that God brought us together and made all things possible for us, according to His will and purpose.

Ruth was working for a firm called “Wilkinson and McLean” in the City, as a book-keeper, stenographer and boarding with a family near the Church.bI was able to get down by a local ramshackle bus and a street car to see her. Very often. And we walked countless miles, I went to Church, even taught Sunday School, went to A.Y. P. Meetings, getting to know and appreciate each other, finding common ground and pleasure in each others company. And Ruth kept me on a arms length good night pattern until the end of March. Then, the inevitable happened, for us. We both realized that we deeply in love with each other and we poured out our hearts to each other as we said goodnight. The next day I bought her an engagement ring, with her approval. Again we walked miles together and were firmly engaged and fully determined to build our lives together. We never looked back. Our life together has been an awesome success, because we have built on the foundation God has prepared. We were married that year on October 14th, now sixty seven years and no less in love and harmony than in our beginning. God be Praised for His loving support at every step.

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