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January 1, 2012

Letter to Charlotte

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January 1, 2012
Dear Charlotte;
Thank you for your newsy letter which I had yesterday. I am happy to know you are doing as I do, “doing the best we can with what we have left”. My driving days are over as they relieved me of my drivers licence. I gave my car to Rob, my eldest son. I travel now with rides from family and friends and failing that, Taxi’s. Or I stay home. But I can still type, my eyesight is 20/20 with my glasses, my memories are ticking over at 91 miles an hour (I am 91 and so is Ruth). I still write stories every week and I still read lessons, do the Prayers of the people and preach when invited to, which I greatly appreciate. I am still very perturbed with the so called Church “leaders” who revise the scriptures to tickle the ears of the secular world and make friends for themselves while the Churches crumble and close the doors. Many of them are Bishops.
Thank you for your Christmas and New Years Greetings and the good news of Ryan’s progress toward Ordination and his studies in Vancouver. It was good to read the pages of news from Millarville. My Mother spent the last six years of her life in the Parish there and was very active and effective in providing leadership. She was in Church one Sunday when the Rector asked for volunteers to visit families whose children were on “Sunday School By Post”.

With trepidation, Mother volunteered and began visiting down through the foothills south west of Calgary. The first house she visited was a farmhouse where a young woman and four little children appeared at the door. Mother introduced herself and said she was visiting from the Church. The woman looked shocked and finally said, “but I have lived here for 18 years and no-one has visited me from the Church”. Mother said,”well I am here”. The woman fell on Mother’s neck and sobbed in relief and Mother sobbed right along with her. Thus began a Ministry which kept Mother occupied until she was too ill with cancer to carry on. She also organized and led a Sunday School, a Junior choir and two Bible study groups for older and younger women. She also initiated a Flower Festival in the Church which has continued every June, this year being the 49th year without a break. And she was a glowing example of a person who served the Lord when she was challenged. All this with the disapproval of her second husband. I was elected to take him to see Mother in the funeral home in Calgary before the funeral in Millarville, the weather being very stormy and cold. He wanted to put a red rose on her breast.. We stood looking down at her and then the tears started to flow down his cheeks and he said. “she doggone near got me going to Church”. He hated to let me see his tears but he couldn’t help himself. My first sight of the interior of that Church was in 1958 when Alex Manson and I took two carloads of Stettler young people to a week end there.
We were to dismantle old Camp Oliver and hold Bible studies on the long May weekend, which we did. We gathered in the Church Sunday morning and I had never seen the banner that stretched across the front of the Church. It was black silk with large gold letters which said, “I AM THY SHIELD AND EXCEEDING GREAT REWARD”.(Genesis 15:1) I had prepared what I thought was a suitable sermon but when I saw the banner God gave me a new sermon. Through it, seventeen young people came to Christ, three of them going into the ministry, one of whom was Don Cochrane who used to sing in our Choir in St.Gerorge’s. God’s way is always best and if we want to know what He want’s of us we need only to ask Him.
I was intrigued too with the “Didn’t have the Green thing back then” paper you sent. That rang lot’s of bells. Mother used to get her mail in Black Diamond too. We used to recycle everything and get along with what we had and if we couldn’t pay for it or work for it we didn’t get it. The world has become so greedy and the more people’s faith shrinks the more greedy they get. My needs now are very simple. I value my continuing love for Ruth and her response, my family, my God given faith, my friends, my health, my computer to be able to share my memories and my ongoing hunger for Biblical Truth. I read a great deal and share what I learn as widely as I can. God is so good to me and I thank Him constantly for all his gifts. God bless and keep you dear Charlotte.
Love, Ruth, Dick and family.

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