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December 19, 2011

A Good Visit

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A Good Visit.
by Dick Hunt, December 19th, 2011
On Saturday morning, I went on the Langford ferry with my youngest son Tim and his wife Elaine to Gibson’s. My youngest daughter, Gail, with D, her husband, undertook a demanding project, which has now resulted in a “Green House” (this is a link to her blog). That is, green in the sense that it is deliberately in tune with all possible requirements of an enviromentally pure dwelling. Wherever possible, they used pre used materials. Gail undertook to be the General Contractor, did the hiring and firing, purchasing etc. and they both worked long and hard to produce a magnificent, comfortable and “natural environment” in which to live.

Yesterday they had an open house, with all four children present plus many friends of a wide variety of ages. It was a very warm gathering of friends and family, with persons there from as far away as San Francisco and Nova Scotia. They had cooked up a storm and everyone was well fed and watered. There was much to be discovered in that kind of construction and a self guided tour was the order of the day, along with the licking of fingers and the warm friendships that dated back in many cases to years ago.

Tim, Elaine and I went off to Church at 9:30 AM and arrived back at noon to continue visiting until the 2:30 ferry back to Vancouver. It was a great day all around. We actually managed to be part of two Nativity Pageants, one at St. Bartholemew’s, Gibson’s and one at St. John’s, Port Moody on the way back from the ferry. Time waits for no-one and it was a great weekend, which I managed to enjoy greatly. Have a good run up to Christmas.

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