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December 13, 2011

Fine Tuning My Faith and Hope

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Fine Tuning My Faith and Hope.
by Dick Hunt, December 13th, 2011.

Sixty Nine years ago this month, I embarked on a deep study of the Bible, when I was sorely troubled at the state of the world in which a war for survival of freedom was raging. The personal struggle which I embarked on, Christmas Eve in 1942 was triggered by an event which was set in motion by 22 Airmen under the influence of alcohol and a Chaplain who was the most impaired of them all, at a Protestant Communion Service in a large, bare meeting Hall. The rain was pouring down in sheets, the wind was blowing and I had received no Christmas mail. Total attendance at the service was 24 airmen out of a total armed service count of some 800 men. The location was an Island off the coast of B.C., on a Royal Canadian Air Force Base.

I was certainly a prime student of human nature and depravity that night. By nine o’clock I was in a deep study in my bunk in the barracks, of the King James Bible, looking for answers. To this day, I have not stopped finding answers and fine tuning my ability to share what I find. I was not brain washed. I was taught and fine tuned through my studies, chiefly working solo but I now know the Spirit of God was interpreting the Bible for me, verse by verse and chapter by chapter as I read. For years I read from a Pocket Bible small enough to fit in my shirt pocket. It is within three feet of me as I write. In due course, I was made ready to answer the call of God to prepare for full time Ordained Ministry as I continued to walk in the Way He had set before me. I had, by request asked the Bishop of Calgary to commission me as a “Lay Reader” to assist in the work of the Church in our rural area and was put to work conducting services week by week, struggling along to prepare sermons and teaching materials from my limited resources. Then, as I have shared before, I was confronted by the the Spirit of Jesus in the hayfield and my life changed forever. At the age of 35, Ruth and I and our first three children moved from Ranching to the city of Saskatoon where I was able to arrange financing for two years of study for Ministry.During that time I was able to complete two years of deep studies in twelve subjects under the direction of what is known as General Synod. I attended the lectures week by week in the regular classes. I was also put to work half time as Student in charge of a Parish of 90 families, for nine months at $100 per month. That was the year that Tim was born and lost his right leg at the hip socket, from Cancer. And just before we moved back to Alberta, my Father died. I was again tested and the refining process has continued to this day. Always, God has been my strength and Ruth has been my constant strong companion and ever present friend in our mutual Ministry.

I have never stopped learning. I have been able to lead many people to put their faith and trust in the living God, in three provinces. I have seen many people set free from wandering in their wilderness of unbelief and I constantly continue in my efforts to bring people from unbelief to the Joy of trust in the living God. I have officiated at around 1000 weddings and have spent countless hours counseling them for the great adventure of building their lives together. I have agonized at the ones who have messed up and terminated their relationships. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Christian Faith as it has been handed down through the ages from generation to generation is God’s great gift to the human beings to whom He has given the breath of life. Every breath we breathe, every meal we eat, every gift we receive is His precious way of saying, “I want to be your best friend. I love you. I sent my only Son into the world on that first Christmas to show you how much I want to your friend. He died on the Cross to pay our debt, our failings and disobedience. He rose again from the dead to prove His invincibility and his power over sin and death. He has won the Victory for all mankind.
My father served a seven year apprenticeship as a butcher in England under a Master Butcher. My two sons served full apprenciceships as carpenter builders and lots more courses since. Both my daughters learned the teaching profession from professers in University and have taken many courses since. I would not dream of suggesting that I am adequate in their professions. We live in a world of specialization, in which people from a young age select a vocation in which they hope to make a living which will be right for them. Jesus himself was a qualified carpenter, having learned the skills from Joseph. Some people have many skills. Some of them are called farmers and ranchers. It might interest you to know that Jesus was a mind reader and could determine what his oponents were about to say before they uttered their words. He can also determine our every thought and intention and nothing can be hidden from him. But He loves us just the same and will never let us go until we breath our last breathe.

I believe that I still have a good deal to learn about God and His only Son, Jesus the promised Messiah and the Holy Spirit who wants to take up residence in all of us to be our strength and protector. I am learning and refining my skills every day. But the studies I have undertaken, both on my own in the early days 68 years ago and since in my full time preparation is ongoing. Having started 59 years ago in University, I have been given a strong background and training to be able to coach people who want to know what they should discover for themselves to enable them to cope with life for their day to day decisions. And there is a day coming on which we will all be judged as to what we have done with our time on earth, especially what we have done to say yes or no to God. I can tell you beyond a shadow of doubt that we will all stand before God on that day, whenever it comes. To make no decision about this for ourselves is also a wrong decision and a grave danger. No excuses will get us out of the trouble that will ensue. This is Gospel truth and I have tried my best to teach it to as many people as I can, all down the years.

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