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December 13, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

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Christmas Celebrations.
by Dick Hunt, December 13th, 2011

With Christmas not here yet, I have nevertheless been greatly blessed and energized by what I have experienced of pre Christmas celebrations. You might forgive me for always talking about my own activities but I must insist that they are the ones I am qualified to share. Even so did the great authors of the Bible, for they wrote of what they had received from God through His Prophets. Not that I have received truly momentous messages such as the Prophets have shared with us from the God of all Creation and found in Holy Scripture. But even now and in every age, we who have been gathered in by any and every means, greatly desire to share with all whom we meet, the critical gifts of God for their march toward the end of their earthly lives.

Briefly then, I have been able to greatly enjoy three great celebrations. The first was a truly impressive and enjoyable evening at the Alliance Church for a packed house to move us all to see the emerging effect of two particular couples who emerged from their unbelief to find that Jesus Christ really is the Saviour, who moved them to new Life and the rescue of their Marriages.

The second was the Maple Ridge Choral Society production at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on Laity Street to a packed house to enjoy great Christian music relative to the coming into the world He made of the God who became one with us in the Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem more than two thousand years ago. Most Joyful!

The third was the gathering last evening at the Baptist Church on the Lougheed which again gave us vent to our longing to worship through our singing of the old Christmas Hymns and Carols, with the Choir, magnificent organ, instrumental and voice leadership to enable us to be lifted up in this world of sadness and great need.
In addition to the above, I enjoyed some lively celebrations in song from volunteers who bring light and caring to Ruth’s care home. We have a long running group called the Silver Tones who practice and share their talents all year roumd in the Community and they come to Holyrood where Ruth is, every month. They are all up in years and bring joy and gladness with them.

There are a number of Churches which conduct services and sing with the residents every month. this month there are additional groups contributing their skils and love. Two ladies from Fraserview Village sing and play, with Accordian and Piano and we see the residents come alive and respond with animation and smiles all around. On December 22nd the R.C.M.P Choir is going to contribute a program at Holyrood and that will bring happiness to the Residents too. Add to those individual performers with stringed instruments , piano etc. in one’s and two’s and you get a picture of coming alive as if from cocoons for many people. Music is surely a universal language as is a hand on a shoulder, a smile, or an act of kindness, anywhere, anytime.

I have sometimes been told by people of goodwill what they might do if they visited someone in hospital- what would they say. I tell them that if they don’t know what to say, they can hold the person’s hand and smile and that will let them know you care. A man I visited years ago in hospital at the request of his Doctor had a question for me. He told me of his background and his life and asked if I thought that he was good enough to go to heaven. I said I was sure he wasn’t, then took his hand and said, please shake hands with me for I am not good enough to go to heaven either. But I told him that if he would trust in the Lord Jesus and commit his remaining life to Him, he would welcome him into Heaven and we would meet there. He made the transition from wondering to joy and hope and died happy in his new life in Christ. Come, join Christs Rescue Mission, join the happy throng.

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