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December 4, 2011

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

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A Little Child Shall Lead Them.
by Dick Hunt, December 4th 2011.
The Preacher at the service in St. John’s this morning shared a story about a little girl leading her parents to finding new life in a Church by something she said while sitting on the steps leading to the living room where a party was in progress. That triggered three memories from my life. The first is very personal. When we were in our first Parish in Alberta after my ordination, one evening Ruth related a conversation she overheard between our six year daughter Gail and her friend in our living room. “Where’s your Daddy?” With a sigh Gail said, “oh, I don’t know”. Her friend said, “doesn’t he come home?” Gail; “no, he doesn’t come home”. Friend; “Doesn’t he ever come home?” Gail; “oh sometimes he comes home, but he is too tired to talk with me.” That really got to me! From then on, I tried, I really tried to right the situation with Ruth and our four children.

The second one was years later in the B.C. Interior. A couple, feeling the need to get away for a quiet break alone, accepted the offer of their neighbours to look after their small daughter for them while they were away. The kindly neighbours were active, worshiping Christians and said Grace at meals and helped their little charge with her prayers when they tucked her in for the night. When her parents collected her after their time away, they asked her how she enjoyed being with the neighbours. She was quite expressive of her time with them, saying they played games with her and told her stories and especially at bedtime. Came time for them to sit down to the evening meal and her Father reached for the potatoes, but the little girl, said, “Daddy, we haven’t asked God to bless our food yet.” That led them to go to Church, and to new Life.
The third example was set by a sparrow, with the obvious hand of the living God as the instigator. When I was still Ranching and becoming more actively involved in providing leadership in St. Paul’s Church in Byemoor. I was led to try to organize a Saturday morning School. I was green as grass, I had no staff other than a 14 year old boy who played the old pump organ – and no teaching material. There were 29 pupils at the first session, ranging from 5 years up to 14. We were just about to open the class by singing “God sees the little sparrow fall…” and I was trying to give them a word picture of the significance of the words. It was a warm June morning and the doors and windows were all open. I had, at the request of our young Minister constructed a four foot wooden cross and suspended it on thin steel wires above the Altar. It was gently moving back and forth in the little air currents moving through the Church. One of the young boys suddenly said, “look Mr. Hunt, there is a sparrow on the cross”, and so there was. I was moved to say, “see, God has sent us this little sparrow to help us understand, Thank you God”. The lesson came alive for us all. We sang with a sense of excitement. And then another child said, “Mr. Hunt, the sparrow has gone,” and so it had. No-one saw it come and no-one saw it leave! All this in the first session of our little School. But the initial result was powerful. When the children went home, they were eager to tell their parents and anyone else who would listen, that God sent a little sparrow to teach them. In very short order, hardly a home in that rural community was unaware of the gift of the Sparrow to the Church School in their hamlet. God has many ways in which He is happy to show His love and mercy to all those who will say yes to him, at any age. But the most effective way is that God sent Jesus to be our Saviour and Lord and show us the Father’s Love.

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