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November 27, 2011

Praise God for the Internet and for the Scientists who Developed it.

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Praise God for the Internet
and for the Scientists who Developed it.
by Dick Hunt, Sunday, November 27th,2 011.

I have just got home from seeing Ruth and have read my e mails. One is from a woman who I last saw as a Elementary student in the sixties. Her parents were very dear friends in my first Parish in Alberta. Her Mother has passed away, her Father is very lonely and depressed and my heart bleeds for him. But without the Internet, I would not have known the difficulties of my friends.

This afternoon, I introduced myself to a new owner in our Strata. I asked her if she had access to the Internet. When she said yes, we agreed to share stories, as it turns out she is also a writer and immediately we had a deep interest in common. Just to be able to share widely with other people greatly enlarges our horizon and the blessings of deeper friendships.

I began writing stories in response to the urging of our children, who as our 50th Anniversary was approaching asked my to write up our family history. It turned out to be 140 pages in length, letter size.I had enough copies made for our immediate family. It also resulted in a habit that grows rather than shrinks, as titles result from memories which tumble over each other for expression. Now I am thinking of adding to the 50th Anniversary account to cover the more recent years. And there is still room in my computer for years more of sharing and recording. Wow!

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