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November 14, 2011

A Shade of the Original Canadarms

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A Shade of the Original Canadarm.

by Dick Hunt, November 14th, 2011.

Paraphrase, “Raccoons”

In late 1985, Ruth and I had retired to live on Mayne Island between Vancouver and Victoria. I was employed half time as the Minister in charge of the only Church on the Island and it permitted us to live a relaxed life style. We had built a small Cedar Cottage in 1967 and that is where we had settled. Ruth enjoyed cooking up favorite recipes and one which we both held in high esteem was ‘Raisin Jumbo Cookies’. She had cooked up a large batch on one occasion and put them in plastic bags. Not having a deep freeze she put them all on the sun deck under a plastic soft drink tote and put a concrete block on top to keep the raccoons from tipping it over. Then we went off to Victoria on a day trip.

When we returned in the evening, there was not so much as a crumb or a raisin still in the tote, but all the plastic was still in there. The ‘Canadarms’ had reached their tiny little arms through the little holes and eaten every cookie. They were sleeping off their gorge-eous feast and smiling in their sleep. Never again did we leave any food outside as we knew those clever little rascals with their goggles on would beat us at our own game.

However, they did return, again and again on our sun deck and peer in the window at us. On several occasions I went out to tell them off and get them to leave us alone. They would advance on me with teeth bared and snarling keep just out of my reach. Finally I took a bucket of water with me and dashed it in their faces. They don’t give up easily.

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