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November 4, 2011

How Ruth Learned to Drive

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How Ruth Learned to Drive.
by Dick Hunt, November 4th, 2011.

In  May, 1945, Ruth and I were at a farmstead 10 miles north of our Ranch home, and I, along with BILL, one of our crew were seeding the spring crop.  Ruth was cooking for us in a bunk house on wheels.  We had two tractors on the go and one day at noon, we came back to the bunk house to find our noon meal ready but no sign of Ruth.  Or of the Ranch Chevy pickup. I asked Bill if he knew where she was and he said she had driven down to the Ranch with the truck. I was amazed and a little concerned as she had never driven before as far as I knew .  Nothing for it but to wait for results.

Around three in the afternoon, the truck reappeared beside the bunkhouse and I stopped to see if the coffee was on.  It was and I popped in for a cup.  I was met with a big grin and a cheery, ‘Hello’. She volunteered that she had been learning to drive. I asked how she had made out and she said, ‘fine’. A little hint or two revealed that she had been watching other people drive the pickup from the passenger seat and she just did what we did.  She was a careful driver, never took chances which would be dangerous to herself or others and never had an accident.  Did she have a valid drivers License? No, but we got her one very soon after.  No drivers test required, and you paid $5.00 at a local hardware.  She only ceased to drive when we moved to Maple Ridge in 1988 and that was voluntary and by her own decision. She had sized up the way people drive here and decided it was too dangerous for her to drive in Maple Ridge.  She had been driving in Vancouver and Victoria and up Vancouver Island. No problems.  Good common sense.

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