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November 1, 2011

A Wagon On Top Of A Tall Barn

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A Wagon On Top Of A Tall Barn;
by Dick Hunt,  November 1st, 2011.
Today being the day after ‘Hallowe’en’.  Some old memories. A trick that deepened an enmity that had festered for years.  The barn belonged to one Alberta Farmer.  The wagon belonged to his neighbour.  And neither of them were neighbourly.  No doubt, the perpetrators of the ‘Trick’ were aware  that were rubbing salt into the old wounds. And that caused other neighbours to be – well – neighbourly.  A number of them went to the owner of the barn and asked his permission to set up their ladders and bring the wagon back to earth.  And so it was dismantled and reassembled in the  farmyard of the one who owned it, with his permission of course. All that had the net effect of correcting a grievious wrong in the community and setting a good example for the people who had deliberately caused the problem.

It may have been the same people who “borrowed” sets of harness from the barn of another farmer and hung them on the cows in the barn of a neighbour, also knowing it would increase  the old enmities between the two farmers they had targeted. Again, the troublemakers were not caught, but suspicions were widespread and so the peacemakers  again assembled and pushed the right “citizen buttons” and thus brought order out of the chaos and a growing peace back to the community. And of course their is the old saw of tipping over the ‘outhouse’ in the back yard, occasionally when it was occupied. Last night, I had about thirty “Trick or Treaters” at the door but they were all about getting treats, one large group coming back for a second run.  I recognized them from the first lot and called their bluff, but they grinned and went away peacefully. “A soft word turns away anger”.

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