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October 27, 2011

Are Diamonds Forever?

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Are Diamonds Forever?
by Dick Hunt, October 27th, 2011.

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a report of the worlds Largest cut Diamond, on a news cast. It got me thinking, (which is a habit of mine).  How does a Diamond catch the attention of people down the ages?  Well, for one thing, it is a symbol regarding the recognition of an intention between a man and a woman that they intend to be married, to share their lives together. For Ruth and me and for countless other couples down the years it has signified that we were ready to pledge ourselves to be together, after our then coming marriage as long as we are both alive, through all the existenges of life. After 67 years nothing has changed that, for Ruth and me except the need for us to receive care in two separate areas, separated by one half mile.

The Diamond in the newscast appeared to be more than twice as wide as a large wedding band. Would it, I wondered, be very effective in assuring that if it were set in a engagement ring be really assuring of a happy, fulfilling marriage to come as time went by? Would the size and price of any diamond be FOREVER. And where does a Diamond get it’s glitter?  As a friend  said to me today when I told of this little story to come,  ‘a diamond is really made of the same material as a lump of coal’.  The difference is that it has been under much greater pressure for a much longer period of time.  And it has been shaped by a craftsman  able to cut it in the best, most effective shape, to reflect and concentrate light and bring out colours in great brilliance.  It would be wonderful if it was possible to shape our lives together by giving and receiving of rings at the times of engagement and of marriage, but such is obviously not the case.  Much more is required to shape us.
When it comes to shaping our lives, it is essential to go to the Source of all light, He who made the heavens and the sun and moon and stars in all their magnificence and astronomical numbers and the space within which they exist.  “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God”. He not only shaped the Universe.  He made the raw material and the space in which exists. (John 1:1)  That is what Christians and Jews believe. Genesis begins the same way. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. (Genesis 1:1).

Back to the light that makes the diamonds sparkle, that makes them “reflect” and what it takes to make them reflect. They have to be shaped. We humans are instructed by Christ to shine for Him in the world, to be lights in the darkness of this present age, (whatever the age, in History).  The light that we have to present in our lives in the midst of this world is the reflected light from Jesus, who is the Light of the world, (St. John14:6). The shaping that is necessary is to fine tune us as Disciples, those who Jesus can Discipline, when  we are willing and committed to follow Him day by day. That requires that we ‘reflect’ and think and meditate in the reading of Scripture and in Prayer and in Worship, that we may be refined, that we submit to the Spirit of God to teach and to mould us.  He knows what we are able to do, He wants us to be his agents of change to keep the world from spoiling. To reflect the true Light which has come to this planet in Jesus, the Saviour and Lord of all mankind, ‘especially of those who believe’ in Him, we must daily ‘become more like Him’, (Book of Common Prayer, Page 530) ‘Remember always’ ff) that the people with whom we mingle may believe in Him and follow him, on into Eternity. Reflect, reflect.
One of the very negative influences in every age is that some who profess to belong to God in Christ, from time to time present to the world a much less than loving and forgiving witness in their daily pattern of life.  When people in high places do fall, it makes the devil smile broadly for the hurt is spread widely and can result in the loss of faith of many people.  But  we little ones (we are all called to be like little children in our Faith and Trust in God) need to walk in the Way of Christ in order to not cause others to stumble. It should never be true of us that “our actions speak so loudly that people cannot hear our words”.  To a large degree the Christian Faith is caught as well by our actions as our words. During the reign of Nero and the terrible slaughter of Christians in the Colliseum in Rome, it was said by observers, “see how these Christians love one another” as they went to their deaths in the arena among the wild beasts. Ruth and I were among 46 other people in a tour group in Rome about 15 years ago and went into the Colliseum at eleven PM with our guides.  The only light was the dimly reflected glow from the street lamps outside. It was quiet and we let our imaginations take over. It was not difficult to imagine the agony of the victims as they lost their lives in the carnage and to hear their prayers as they died.

Our little difficulties as followers of Christ in our day are tiny compared to what History shows us of what people suffered down the years and are still suffering in many parts of the world. We are still called to share this marvellous Faith that has been a light shining in the darkness through all the generations of both the Old and the New Testament and the 2000 years since Jesus, the Son of God came to make the Father and His will known to all the world.  Praise be to Him.

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