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October 24, 2011


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by Dick Hunt, Monday, October 24th, 2011.
This is a much misused word in our generation. It is used by  advertisers trying to sell products which are not good for the health of either people or the environment.  It is used by pseudo scientists to make themselves  fortunes, by trying to frighten people out of their incomes. And unfortunately, it is used by many honest people who believe they are helping to preserve the environment and miss the most effective way to do so.

In the past month, for example, I have attended three different Churches which have been rated Green by their parent authorities because they are doing some activities which are related to recycling, reducing and re-using.   And most of the Churches I am associated with have steadily resisted embracing my efforts to persuade them to use fully biodegradable cleaning products  and are still using highly toxic, not very effective products which are harmful to the environment and to people who are a large part of the environment! There is fully verifiable and easily accessible information available to show beyond a doubt that a great many household cleaners are highly toxic, dangerous to human health, especially of young children and also very harmful to the outside world in which we live.

When I say “Churches” I mean not only what goes on in the buildings in which the people gather.  I am speaking also of what happens in the daily lives of the people who gather on Sundays or other days and then go home to where they normally spend most of their time. That is where most cleaning products are used… where people live. The homes are where the people do cleaning.
I have been active over the past 24 years, week by week in two Churches in Maple Ridge.  I have also been active in supplying Sunday services in many Churches in the lower mainland.  In the one in which I have made my regular attendance the past three years, I have arranged to supply Shaklee Cleaning Products for use in the Church and I pay for them.  I have also demonstrated them at a luncheon once after the Sunday service. A few people stayed to watch. And I have talked them up very often. The message I want to get out is that my Parish, while using the products in the Church buulding have not got the message that what is good for the Church environment  is good for the homes and lives of all the Parishioners.  And the people are using hundreds of times as many cleaners as the Church Building does.

It is a very simple thing to change brands but it takes a firm decision to do so. Shaklee products, including cleaning products are never sold “over the counter”, but in seven countries of the world only through Independent Distributors.  The reason is that the advertisers have so fully persuaded the public that their products are safe and effective that they do not look for better ones. Years ago we sponsored a woman in Nanaimo and sold her some cleaning products. Her husband worked for Woodwards stores there and his job was to deal with  guarantee  problems in the appliance section. One evening he brought home from work a nearly new automatic Washing Machine that had become inoperative.  He told his wife he would have to strip it down and rebuild it. She persuaded him to try to put through a cycle of what we then knew as “Basic L” (for “Basic Laundry”) without any clothes in it.  Just to please his wife, because ‘he knew it wouldn’t work’, he did what she asked.To the amazement of both of them, it worked perfectly, cleaned all the grunge out of the washer and restored it to perfect effectiveness.  The detergents  had plugged up the system so completely that it stopped up everything. Shaklee cleaners always work well and are kind to the environment.
There are also two big pluses for people in this economic insecurity phase we are going through.  The first is that it is a fully proven fact that by switching to Shaklee Cleaners, householders can save 75% on their cleaning products while at the same time reducing the polution of the environment and the toxicity of their homes by a huge amount. All Shaklee cleaning products return to nature within  hours without leaving any carbon imprint while at the same time doing a superb job of cleaning. In the Town of Campbell River where we were living when we discovered Shaklee, Ruth sold a small container of Basic L  to a woman who used it all over a period of months, until she ran out of it. She decided that it would be convenient to drop in at the supemarket and get a box of Tide.  Her husband worked in the woods and only came home weekends.  After she changed back to Tide her husband came home declaring he had caught the itch as he couldn’t stop scratching, all week.  His wife said, “maybe it was the fault of the Tide I bought at Safeways”.  She came and bought Basic L and the problem was solved. Shaklee takes out the dirt and washes it all down the drain.

A young couple south of Campbell River built a new house on an acreage and phoned to say their sewage disposal system was completely plugged up and only three years old.  Could we give them some advice?  We took them some cleaners and were talking to them about how effective they were.  The young man ran upstairs and came down with a good quality yellow wool sweater. It had a huge brown stain on the front and he said, “let’s see you get that stain out”.  I said we would just put some Basic H on it (mean’s ‘Basic Household’)  and let it work for awhile. After a few minutes, he said we should look at the sweater; we went into the kitchen, I wet a dishcloth and rubbed over the area of the stain and it fully cleaned it away with no harm to the sweater.  That is the way it is with Shaklee products.  They do what they are designed for,  are fully guaranteed and are natural  based and health building . Their sewage disposal system is now healthy.
It is an established and verifiable fact that one 473 ml. plastic container of Basic H2  (the even more effective, newly improved Basic H) at $11.05 plus HST will clean as many windows as 5,824 769 ml. bottles of windex, with no harm to the environment and 5,823 less plastic containers in the landfills! Not to mention the savings of costs of shipping containers and transportation.  Most  Liquid detergents from the supermarkets already contain the water which customers pay for at the store.  Shaklee supplies the cleaning agent for the job at hand and we the users put the water in it from the tap. Another thing the soap and detergent companies push is to let the customers know that lot’s of suds are produced when you use their products. Let it be known that suds are what plug up the appliances and do nothing to remove the dirt from people or clothing.  Bleach is a very harmful product and if the fumes are breathed, especially by children, great harm can result.

What Shaklee markets for difficult cleaning is called Basic Bright, which is very effective for deep cleaning and abcondition without harming the black printing on the front. The owner is now a professional Soccer Player in Ireland.  An additional bonus for people who switch to whatever Shaklee products  can be used to replace other brands, is that those who  become Shaklee Members, a very simple over the phone process, can then sponsor their friends and gain new friends as Members and all can order their own products over the web or 1-800 phone for home delivery within five business days.  Shaklee does all the book-keeping and is available 1-800 for advice any time to all members.
All products are fully guaranteed and within a short time, users can begin to cover the cost of their own products through points earned and bonus cheques.  It is impossible to train a competitor as we all enjoy doing Shaklee together.  In all our 33 years of membership as Independent Shaklee Distributors, Ruth and I  have never for a moment been unhappy with the company or the products. We know that we have easy access to the world’s best products and can share them with others who need them for optimum health and a clean and healthy environment. And  we have a  trustworthy supplier which really believes in and practices the Golden Rule in all aspects of their business.  It can’t get any better than that.  As soon as a new Shaklee Member uses or shares a basic minimum of 250 points each month, they may become Independent Distributors and enjoy a 15% reduction in their costs and also begin receiving Bonus payments from Shaklee.

Just when we have, over the years, been happy and healthy with the product line, Shaklee with their second to none research establishment of more than 70 Ph.D. Scientists plus  Medical Doctors comes up with new and exciting cutting edge advances in health producing breakthroughs.  Each year, we have expected new products to enhance the natural, food based Nutritional Supplements we have become used to expect.  And each year we have not been disappointed. It is very sad that the  Governments have imposed the HST on purchases of Nutritional Supplements in B.C.. Nutritional Supplements are not covered by the National Health plan and Prescription Drugs are covered. That tends to discourage people from seeking help where help is to be found, for many diseases.  Shaklee Corporation now in it’s 56th year as a successful and reputable business has never had to apologize for any neglect.  If you want to know who to trust for advancement of good health opportunities, you need look no farther.  Shaklee leads the pack and always will.

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