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October 22, 2011

A Winter Trip to Hospital.

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A Winter Trip to Hospital.
by Dick Hunt, Saturday, October 22nd, 2011.

Our daughter J is now 64 years of age.  When she was two years of age, she had a severe bout of bronchitis.The snow was deep, the temperature was around -30 degrees Fahrenheit and the roads were plugged with snow.  No snowplows in those days.  But I did have a connection with Chinook Air in Calgary, as I have written in a recent article. I phoned them and they sent out a four place ski equipped plane, picked me  up at the Ranch, along with J, well wrapped in blankets, and in twenty minutes we had settled into the snow outside the Hospital Building in Castor, Alberta.  I waded through the snow with J, entered the Hospital and the Doctor took over.

J had been born there and it was a great Hospital, operated by a Roman Catholic Nursing Order. J came into the world six weeks prematurely. Believe me, we were very naive parents and not aware of what was going on.  My elder brother Wilf drove us to the hospital in the Ranch Pick Up, which was very fortunate.The truck stalled on the way to the hospital and Ruth was in labour. Wilf loped away to a neighbouring farm, borrowed a few tools, raced back to the road, knew how to make the repair as he was a very clever mechanic, got us back in motion, took the tools back to the farmer and off we went, just in time for Ruth to give birth. J was immediately put into an incubator, closely monitored night and day. Ruth stayed with my Aunt Ross and Uncle Dick, (see my story, “How a Congregation lost their organist”) and supplied breast milk for the baby, when she was still holding fast at just 5 pounds.

The nurses knew that the Oxygen piped into the Incubator had to be carefully monitored to prevent the Baby’s loss  of eyesight. When J was in High School  in my first Parish in Stettler Alberta, one of her classmates of a family called Peterson was legally blind as she had been born about the same time as J,  in a different Hospital where the staff was not aware of the Oxygen concern in Incubators. When J came to them with Bronchitis the Nursing Sisters welcomed her and took great care of her.  Our next two children were also born there, but during a season of better roads, better cars and no more premies. As parents, we were better educated by that time —there is no teacher like experience.

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