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October 19, 2011

Yesterday, October 18th, 2011, we met President Lincoln

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Yesterday, October 18th, 2011, we met President Lincoln.
by Dick Hunt.
He is a tiny little baby boy. He visited us in Holyrood Manor. His mother Anne brought him to see us and it was a very special time for us all.  Most of us were much older than he is and he really brought a great blessing to us.

His mother said she named him Lincoln in the lively hope she has for him, based on the life, example and service of Abraham Lincoln; that her sweet little son will grow up to be a great Canadian Citizen and will accomplish  great things, for which he will be long remembered.

I have taken the liberty of calling him President Lincoln  because he did, yesterday, Preside over the gathering in the main lounge on first floor of Holyrood Manor. He was easily the star of the “show”, along with his sweet Mother, as he bewitched us with his constant smiles and twinkling eyes.  He is a beautiful baby and made us all tingle with delight at the sheer delight and good humor that he exhibited.

Seldom have I seen such joy on the face of  such a little baby in all my years.  What a gift from heaven this and all little ones are.  And what treasures they are to bring us the hope that they will do a better job than we have in governing this  great country that we call home.

It is shocking and troubling that here in Canada where we have so much freedom and so many blessings all around us, to know that around the world there are tiny little children dying from lack of safely, nourishing food, medical care and so much else that we take for granted.

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