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October 17, 2011

Something More and Critically Important

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Something More and Critically Important
by Dick Hunt, Monday, October 17th, 2011
I saw the beginning of a better future on Saturday last for a group of around 75 people from all walks of life. I will tell you particularly about one of them. For the sake of privacy, I will call her Meg.   I have known her for about two years.  She hails from New Zealand and was married to a Ordained Minister. They came to Canada and became Canadian Citizens. Tragically, he passed away as the result of a Brain Tumor.   Sometime later she married a widower  and they are very happy together. Recently they were on a holiday journey to the U.S. and her Husband suffered a massive heart attack in their Motel at 3 in the morning.  She immediately phoned the local hospital, gave them the particulars of their travel insurance and she drove her husband directly to the hospital.  They were met at the door by staff who immediately cared for him, saving his life and setting him on the road to recovery.  He was in the hospital for four days and they were able to return home to Surrey, B.C. on day five. Their medical coverage paid all their medical costs, $75,000! He is recovering very well and will be fine.

Meg is an agent for a remarkable device, developed in Japan, which filters water very effectively and also makes it possible to remove the natural acidity  and supply very healthy Alkaline water for human consumption. It is so much health producing that in Japan in every hospital and clinic the water for human consumption is treated. The ensuing water is labeled, “Kangen Water”.  I bought one of the machines from Meg and it is remarkably effective for better health. I share the water with friends at no cost to them so they can enjoy the results for themselves.
Meg has been offered information about the great line of Nutritional and other products produced and marketed  by Shaklee Corporation through Independent Distributors internationally.  My wife and I have used these products for 33 years and as a result, our basic health is excellent.  We are both 91 years of age and not on any Prescription medications at all.  Unfortunately, my wife has Alzheimer’s disease and is in a care home.  She is very calm, happy and receiving very good care.  I see her every day when I visit her and take her for a walk and a good visit. I also feed her high quality chewable Multi Vitamin/Mineral tablets from Shaklee while we visit.

Meg was at the right place at the right time all day Saturday when she was able to experience hearing a three hour presentation by a world renowned Nutritional therapist from near Portland, Oregon. In his practice, he uses only Nutritional supplements from Shaklee Corporation. He is a very effective teacher and we have attended his lectures regularly over the last 20 years. He also fields questions, writes books, produces DVD’s and CD’s of all his lectures and conducts seminars all over North America.  Meg was able to make a well informed decision re the needs for Nutritional supplementation in todays world.  She was also able to stay for the business session afterward so she has a clear picture of how to purchase and share the products with friends, family and anyone else she meets along the way. Her remark near the end of the all day session was very informative of the value of the day for her and all the rest of us. “Now I know how to avoid heart attacks and other diseases.  It takes more  than just good water”. Shaklee is definitely not in the business of fixing sick people. Shaklee has always been committed to keeping people healthy. And their products work, for anyone.

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