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October 7, 2011

How A Congregation Lost An Organist

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How A Congregation Lost An Organist
by Dick Hunt, October 7th, 2011
My Aunt Ross (Rossalind) was a trained Pianist and Organist and played for the services I attended for many of my young years. When she and her husband also known to me as Uncle Dick Hunt, my Father’s younger brother, moved from the little farm into a town of 800 persons, they took their house with them. It was moved by a firm owned by one Leo Kirby who jacked it up and moved it to it’s new site 40 miles to the North East.  From one location to the next, took less than two days. The owners were settled back in their own house.  Earlier, Leo had moved a house for Ruth and me just four miles, but it was a two story house with a six ton, built in fireplace. That took him and a five man crew just less than two days.

Aunt Ross then became the Organist at the little white Anglican Church, called ‘All Saints’.  As time went on, she was called upon to provide other Churches and groups in the community with her help.. And she soon gathered around her many children and some adults with  her expertise as a teacher. One of the Churches in the Community  was the Pentecostal one with a very close knit congregation. They were planning for a visit from an Evangelist and needed to have a good organist for the weekend. They asked my Aunt to help them out. That required that she play for a number of gatherings, culminating in a lively event on Sunday afternon.  It was to conclude with an “Altar Call”, which was good in itself, but there was a glitch. The leaders had their doubts about whether their organist was “Saved”.  They made very pointed remarks in her direction, but she didn’t budge. Finally they lost patience with her. Two young men were detailed to carry her up to the front, organ bench and all.
She was duly prayed over and she stoicly sat, still as a mouse.  They carried her back to the organ.  She played the remainder of the music for them.  She went home and that ended her (voluntary) employment with them. She had been a devout Christian since her very early life without a break. She was not about to say that she had not been a Believer all those years which would have been untrue. She resumed her life as before.

About the same time, I was asked to visit a family 40 miles south of Stettler Alberta on their farm to make arrangements to Baptize their three children.  It was harvest time and when I got to the farm, the husband was out in the harvest field, hauling grain.  When I entered the house, there was a woman with three young children sitting at a table.  I was wearing my clerical collar and when they saw me, they exuded fierce hostility. They had been taught that anyone wearing such a collar was a heretic and an impostor. They were Pentecostals.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not against them but that’s the rest of the story.  The lady of the house saw immediately that it would be impossible to have a visit, so she sensibly suggested I go next door to the cottage where her in laws lived and visit, which I did. Her Mother in Law was very happy to see me and very upset at what had happened to her son and his family in the two years since they had moved to Ontario.  Just then, her son came in and I was introduced to him. Seeing my collar, he said, “Well, brother, and when were you saved?”  I said with a smile, “Oh I was saved when Jesus died for us on the cross. At the age of 32  I came to Him. He fired a verse of scripture at me and we played tennis with the Bible awhile and then he stuck out his hand and said, “well brother, you’re the first Anglican I have ever seen that is saved”.

He was on his way to the river to swim with his family and had come for his swim wear.  I continued to visit with his Mother and suggested that her son and family had been converted in a Pentecostal Church in Ontario.  She herself had been a lifelong and active Christian believer.  As I went out to my car  after our visit, the family had just arrived back at the house from their swim.  They came running to me and hugged me because Dad had told them I am saved.  What perplexed me was why they had repulsed me so thoroughly on the evidence of the clerical collar and accepted me so readily when I was able to give evidence from my words and attitude in his Mother’s house.

Down the years I have been happy to fellowship with anyone who really believes in Jesus Christ and walks with Him in faith and obedience.  I have many friends from a wide range of denominations and while we have variations in expression and kinds of worship, we have a strong basis of belief in Holy  Scripture as long as we do not treat the Bible like a smorgasbord, leaving out the parts that we do not like and only accepting what makes us feel good. Years ago after I conducted a Funeral service in Alberta, a woman stayed behind, weeping uncontrollably. I  knew her well and said, “Eva, whatever is the matter”.   She said, “Oh Dick, the service was so beautiful.  It was right out of the Bible”. I agreed with her. I was also aware that she was a very devout Baptist.  I have recently  met one of her nieces here in Maple Ridge.  Small world. If we disagree with God, we have only to make contact with Jesus Christ who is the perfect express image of the Father and he will set us straight.  Try John’s Gospel, 14:6.

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