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October 4, 2011

The Boy Who Stood Up To Bullies

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The Boy Who Stood Up To Bullies.
by Dick Hunt, October 4th, 2011.
His name is Tim, reminiscent of “Tiny Tim”.  When he was first born, he was afflicted with Cancer in his right thigh. He was born in the University Hospital in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. The Maternity ward was on the same corridor as the Cancer Clinic. It was the policy in the Hospital that all Mothers and Babies should be examined for cancer before going home on day six. A tall, slim English woman Doctor did Tim’s examination and found a small lump on his right thigh.  She advised a biopsy be taken and examined.  It was bone cancer.  So Tim stayed in hospital and his leg was amputated at the hip socket on his sixteenth day.  That was in the days of Tommy Douglas, the founder of health care in Saskatchewan.

The surgeon, a brilliant Jewish Doctor went to great lengths to research, all over the world for guidance and came up with zero information.  Apparently, Tim was the first ever case of cancer requiring amputation. He is now 55 years of age and has not had any recurrance of the disease.  He is the youngest son of Ruth and me and our fourth child. The surgery began at 8 AM and was completed by eleven A.M. Amazingly, Tim  breast fed naturally that same evening.  The maternity Doctor explained to us that babies have no knowledge of what is going on and so are not afflicted with imagination or fear. That began a lengthy period of trips to the Hospital, every four hours, night and day for Tim’s liquid meals and so, liquid life. Our neighbours were so kind and good. They did all they could to help us with baby sitting etc. while we went to the Hospital.  Shared troubles are uniting events and we were greatly blessed. Tim was home with us in about sixty days and only back in the hospital for outpatient dressings.
The lengthy stay was made neccesary due to staff infection in his wound, which had spread through the air conditoning system.  The total cost to us, other than our Health Care premiums. was $12.00!  A number of his nurses were from the Philipines and were so good and loving.  Without exception, they were warm hearted Christians and urged us to have Tim Baptized before his surgery. That took place in the College Chapel where I trained for the Ministry.  I had let my Bishop, my Mother and a friend in Calgary know of the impending operation.  They had spread the word and it was estimated that over a million people prayed for us, even in Europe and beyond.

Tim was fitted with a crude “stick on a half basket leg” at about the age of six, when he was starting school in Stettler Alberta.  One day he came home from school with a very sore bleeding tummy and when I asked him what happened, he finally told me ‘some kids pushed me down the stairs’.  I quickly said, ‘I will go school with you tomorrow and look after that’. But he insisted ‘I will look after it, don’t you come’. His room teacher phoned Ruth the next day and said Tim had pushed some kids down the stairs.  Ruth told her what had happened and and the bullying stopped. Then a few days later I was walkng home from work and saw Tim in front of our home, arguing with two bigger boys and I put on a burst of speed. Before I got there, the fists started to fly and the two bullies ran away. Yet Tim did not become a bully and he has always stood up for the ‘underdogs’. He applied for his first job, looking after handicapped children in a summer park program, when he was fourteen. In the place where he was asked if he had any physical handicaps, he just wrote, ‘Fully Mobile’. We are proud of Tim and our three other  children.

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