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October 1, 2011

An Unhappy Couple Who Turned Around

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An Unhappy Couple Who Turned Around
by Dick Hunt, Saturday, October 1st, 2011.
When Ruth and I and our first three children moved from the wide open spaces of the Ranch  where I was born to a tiny little “Wartime House” in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, there was no longer much room to wiggle. The year was 1955. But wiggle we did. Early in September I had a phone call from the College Principal to ask us a favour.  “We have just received a young couple from England who are presently in our little suite in the College.  They have just come from Harringay Arena in London where they attended the Billy Graham Crusade and they are brand new Christians.  They are so excited that they are driving us crazy around here, just as we are trying to get ready for the fall semester. Could you take them into your home until we can find other accomodation for them? Please.”  What could we say?  We decided we would and they came that very day.

Their names were Bert and Audrey Morton.  And they were  exctited!  When they went to Harringay it was a last ditch stand for them.  They were on the very brink of seeking a Divorce. In the course of the week of meetings, their lives were “turned around”, which is what Conversion means and is.  They were newly embarked on a wonderful marriage which is as great now as it was in 1955 when they came to stay with us.

Our home had two little bedrooms upstairs and a little den on the main floor and a small living room.  And a tiny bathroom.  And a tiny kitchen.  But it was cozy and built for social cohesion  And our children co-operated beautifully.  We really got to know them well in the course of their stay, about ten days.
We had marvellous fellowship with them and were reluctant to let them go when they found a suite they could live in. And to this day, we are close friends, though they have been back in England for many years and we only see them rarely.  But there has always been the mail, and the phone, and more recently that great blessing the Internet. Bert was Ordained a couple of years after I was.  I had the privilege of preaching at his Ordination in the College Chapel and then Bert and Audrey went off to the high Arctic, as did many of the Graduates of Emmanuel College, and ministered there for a number of years, very effectively.  Then it was off to England again where they  were in Parish work constantly until Bert retired.  However, like many retired Pastors, Bert and Audrey still Volunteer their help where needed. A friend of mine from our William’s Lake days invited Ruth and me to visit with him and his wife in Kelowna some years ago and we met downtown.  When he saw us coming, he ran to us with something in his hand, he was so eager to give it to me.  It was  a coffee mug on which was printed, “Old Ministers never retire.  They just go out to Pastor”.  I still have it and treasure it .

One of the great pleasures of life is to be able to welcome into the great fellowship of “The Converted” persons who have discovered the meaning of life with a clear path for their future.  I have never regreted a moment that has passed since I arrived at that point in my own life.  Life is still exciting, day by day.  There are new friends to enjoy.  There are old friendships to renew.There are always new treasures to discover in this beautiful world that we have the privilege to call home, while we are here. And there is the Eternal Home beyond for us to look forward to, if we will.

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