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September 26, 2011

Some notes about more Shaklee products that help

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Some notes about more Shaklee products that help.
by Dick Hunt,  Shaklee Independent Distributor.

One of the newer products from Shaklee that we are finding very effective is called “Shaklee D R”, which means Defend – Resist.  Used to stop colds and flu from  gaining a foothold it stops the infections from becoming troublesome and shortens the problem very substantially.  Recently, our housecleaning lady informed me by phone that she was unsure whether she could come on her appointed day as she felt a cold coming on.  I told her that in case she did make it I would leave a bottle of the Shaklee D R on the kitchen table for her as well as  a bottle of another product called “Stress Relief Complex”.  She did come in and called me back that evening to say that while her throat was sore and her chest  husky when she arrived, she took both of the products and by two PM she was nearly  free of the cold that had been developing.  She continued to take some of the products for another day or two to stabilize her condition.  A great feature of the Shaklee  products is that they are fully guaranteed and so if they do not suit the customer they can ask for all their money back and we make a full refund immediately. These products are all natural food based and have been subjected to exhaustive clinical testing for saftey and effectiveness before they are ever marketed.

A new and effective trio of products are  Joint Health Complex Capsules, Joint and Muscle Pain Cream and Pain Relief Complex Caplets.  They are all very helpful for arthritic and joint and muscle pain relief and remarkably free from side effects.  All of the above we have personally used to very  good effect.  We have also shared them widely with other people who attest to their great value in relieving pain and stiffness.  At a time when various prescription drugs for arthritis pain are under fire for serious side effects, these products are very timely.

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